State Certification Application – Short Form (Only for use if already DBE certified by OMWBE or pursuing both federal and state certification.)

Why apply for state certification?

Government agencies and some private companies have goals for inclusion of minority and women owned businesses. Becoming certified allows these entities to identify your firm as a certified business and keep track of how they’re doing toward their purchasing goals.

Becoming certified also makes you eligible to apply for the Linked Deposit Program which can decrease interest rates on small business loans up to 2%.

How do I know if I qualify for certification?

The questions in this application and the documents we ask for are to verify the following requirements in state law and rule. Please call us if you have any questions about these qualifications.

The business must be:

  • For Profit
  • Licensed to do business in Washington State.
  • Able to perform the core services necessary to fulfill a contract in the business’s eligible owner(s) area of specialty or expertise.
  • A small business based on U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) size standards, which is measured in two ways:

The eligible owner(s) must:

  • Be a minority or woman. “Minority” is defined as African American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Hispanic American, Native American or Alaska Native. Other individuals may be found to be socially and economically disadvantaged on a case-by-case basis, please call our office for more information.
  • Own at least 51% of the business and show contribution of capital and expertise.
  • Control the managerial and day-to-day operations and possess the power to direct the management and policies of the business.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident.

How long will the application process take?

An OMWBE analyst will review your application and will contact you within 30 days.  The analyst will likely email you with questions and request additional documentation.

It currently takes approximately 30 days to process your application once we receive all of the required documents.

Please call us if you have any questions when filling out your application or when you receive a request for additional information.

Application tips

  1. Submit a complete application and all required documents listed in the application checklist.
  2. Do not leave any area of the application blank. If an area does not apply to your business, indicate “N/A” with a brief explanation.
  3. If in doubt, call us. The most common delays occur because of an incomplete application or response to an additional information request.  We are here to help you!
  4. Be responsive to additional information requests. Check your email for correspondence.
  5. Be specific when writing your proposed business description. Procurement officials and prime contractors search our online directory for key words related to the goods and services they want to purchase. You can look at OMWBE’s online directory for examples:
  6. We recommend you keep a copy of your application packet and supporting documentation for your records.

Is this the right application?

  • Not federally certified and applying for State certification only? STOP! Please download the State Certification Application
  • Applying for both state and federal certification or are you already federally certified by OMWBE and want to add state certification? Please continue to download or open this application.

To download the application either use the download button or use right click and select “save as”.