RFQ: Project Neutrals and Disputes Review Board Members, U of W

Closing Date:  April 6, 2017



Request for Qualifications

Project Neutrals and Disputes Review Board Members

General: The University of Washington is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from individuals interested in being included in a pool from which the University will select its members for Disputes Review Boards (DRB) and individual Project Neutrals for future construction projects.

Obtaining the RFQ:  A copy of the RFQ with a description of the scope of services and the evaluation criteria may be obtained at the following website address:   http://cpd.uw.edu/business/constr-opp.  Any addenda issued for the RFQ will be published at the same website address.  If you are unable to download the RFQ or addenda, you may contact the individual noted at the end of this notice.

Submittal Deadline:  No later than 3:00pm on April 6, 2017.

Questions:  All questions regarding this RFQ should be addressed to Cindy Magruder, Contracts Specialist, at (206) 221-4396 or by email at magruder@uw.edu.