Vancouver Waterfront Park Project

Closing Date:  February 17, 2017


Tapani, Inc. is requesting bids from subcontractors for the:

Vancouver Waterfront Park Project

Closing Date:  February 17, 2017

Owner: City of Vancouver

Location: West side of I-5 Bridge into Oregon, along the Washington side of the Columbia River

Soliciting Bids for the Following Scopes:

Cast in place concrete retaining walls, pedestrian sidewalk, vehicular grade sidewalk, curb ramps, architectural concrete (decorative finishes on concrete, among other things), concrete sub-slabs, etc. Tapani, Inc. will negotiate with all interested MBE and WBE firms on quotes for whole or partial scope to help encourage participation. Note that if a bid is for a dollar amount greater than $100,000 Tapani, Inc. may require a performance and payment bond, or a letter of bondability.

This project has already been awarded to Tapani, Inc., and we are seeking to replace an existing DBE subcontractor who is no longer eligible to work on the project.

The bidding documents can be accessed here:

If you require information regarding assistance in obtaining bonding, insurance, credit, equipment, supplies, materials, or related services please call our office at (360) 687-1868.

With questions, contact Leo Koskiniemi:

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