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Please Note: Beginning June 1, 2017, the Directory of Certified Firms will look different and provide enhanced search options. Please be sure to update your directory bookmark and inform others who use this directory in your organization. Later this fall, OMWBE will move to online applications. More information on those changes will be coming later this summer.


OMWBE’s Directory of Certified Firms was designed to help buyers and contracting officers more quickly locate and notify certified firms of upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities.

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Suspended DBE Firms

Please check the list of suspended firms. This is a temporary status of ineligibility. While suspended, the DBE/SBE may not be considered to meet a contract goal on a new contract, and any work it does on a contract received during the suspension shall not be counted toward a recipient’s overall goal. The DBE/SBE may continue to perform under an existing contract executed before the DBE/SBE received a Notice of Suspension and may be counted toward the contract goal during the period of suspension as long as the DBE/SBE is performing a commercially useful function under the existing contract.

The updated Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) regulations, C.F.R. 49 part 26.88, calls for the suspension of firms if one of the following takes place:

  • An individual owner whose ownership and control of the firm are necessary to the firm’s certification dies or is incarcerated.
  • There is adequate evidence to believe that there has been a material change in the circumstances that may affect the eligibility of the DBE firm to remain certified.
  • Failed to notify OMWBE of a material change that may affect the firm’s ability to remain certified as a DBE or failed to timely file a No Change Affidavit.


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For immediate questions about our current certified Firms please contact WebAdmin.

Any changes to an already certified firm with OMWBE requires the completion of the Expansion of Business Services Request Form. This includes requests to add NAICS codes and recommend a change to your firm’s business description.  OMWBE requires the completion of the Business Structure Change Form when there has been an ownership change, name change, etc. You can email this information to Receptionist. If you are not able to email the information, please mail to:

Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises
PO Box 41160 Olympia, WA 98504-1160