State Supplier Diversity Reporting

State law requires the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) to annually report spending by state agencies and educational institutions with certified minority- and women-owned businesses. OMWBE also reports state agency and educational institution spending with veteran-owned firms certified by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

Additionally, state agencies are required by State law to adopt plans to increase the participation of certified minority- and women-owned businesses.

Governor Inslee’s strategic framework, Results Washington, includes a 2017 goal to increase state agency and educational institution utilization of certified small businesses in contracts and procurement to the following percentages:

  • Minority-owned businesses: 10%
  • Women-owned businesses: 6%
  • Veteran-owned businesses: 5%


Fiscal Year 2016 data

Individual agency and educational institution reports:


                                FY 2016 dollars spent with certified firms as % of all eligible spend*

Type of  Certified Business State Agencies Educational Institutions State Agencies and Educational Institutions Combined Results Washington Goal, by 2017
Minority-Owned Certified Businesses** 2.45% 0.74% 1.65% 10%
Women-Owned Certified Businesses 1.97% 0.38% 1.23% 6%
Total 4.42% 1.12% 2.89% 16%

A note about the data: The information does not include payments made via a state purchasing card (P-Card).

*Click here for a description of what composes eligible spend.

**Includes businesses owned by a minority woman and by a minority male and a female.