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Meeting Summary

May 17, 2017

Department of Enterprise Services

1500 Jefferson Building, Director’s Conference Room 6244

 Members/Alternates Present: Alfie Alvarado Ramos (DVA), Teresa Bernsten (OMWBE), Rex Brown (DES), Earl Key (WSDOT), Lisa van der Lugt (CHA), Chris Liu (DES), Bill Moss (DSHS), Ed Prince (CAAA), Joel Sacks (LNI), Annette Schuffenhauer (HCA), Randi Warick (LNI)
Guests/Support Present: Bob Armstead, Jackie Bayne (WSDOT), Linda Kent (DES), Danelle Guerin (DES), Laura Watson (AGO)

Members Not Present: Michael Itti (CAPAA), Roger Millar (WSDOT), Stephen Sinclair (DOC), Dorothy Teeter (HCA)

AGO Opinion as Foundation of Community of Practice

WSDOT shared their agency best practices and how they have been incorporating the Attorney General’s opinion into their inclusion work. The subcabinet approved the other agencies and the subcabinet workgroup moving forward with use of these best practices as a foundation for consistency across the state enterprise.

Small Business Client Service Providers as Contractors

The Department of Social and Health Services proposed the use of small business client service providers.  Part of their mission is to reflect those we serve to provide culturally competent care.  Inclusion of these contractors would more accurately depict statewide impact on equity and build good local jobs and more stabilized communities. The subcabinet approved the workgroup’s recommendation to launch a technical team to focus efforts on the client service providers as contractors.

Technical Assistance

The Governor’s Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance discussed community small business engagement strategies and the best ways to ensure our partners and the public are able to participate, comment on and receive all information on technical assistance. The subcabinet approved the concept presented in the first draft of the charter.

Disparity Study Update

  • The Disparity Study data collection is underway and the first phase is more than 90% complete.
  • Public meetings for the Disparity Study will be conducted June 7th in Seattle and June 8th in Spokane. The Seattle meeting is closed as capacity has been reached. The Commission on Hispanic Affairs will assist with the communication and outreach efforts in Eastern Washington.
  • Washington Technology Services is consulting on further changes to the Opportunity Washington site, currently under development with contractor PRR, and positive feedback has been received from Procurement Customer Advisory Group is.

Agency & Vendor Spotlight

  • Grainger informed the subcabinet of their Distributor Alliance program as a way to meet The Governor’s Results WA goals through its certified network of diverse and small business suppliers and resellers. This program gives users access to 1.5 million products on-line and cultivates the small business partner to deliver the same level of customer service and product availability received through Grainger.


Washington Business Diversity Subcabinet Phase 2 Project Roadmap


Public invited to informational meetings on statewide disparity study

Two public meetings — in Seattle and Spokane — will be held in June to provide information on a statewide disparity study that Washington state is conducting about minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses in state contracts and purchasing.

This research project is designed to provide necessary data needed to understand whether minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses have equal access to contracting opportunities on state prime contracts and associated subcontracts. The study will evaluate barriers to state contracting and recommend strategies to ensure all firms in the Washington community can participate in state opportunities.

The public will have opportunities to provide input as part of the study.

The June meetings will describe the study timeline and process, and provide information on how to provide input. People can also meet the study team. Colette Holt & Associates has been contracted to conduct the study. The Department of Enterprise Services will provide oversight of the study on behalf of the state.

Meeting information

The June 7 Seattle meeting will be held from 10 a.m. to noon at South Seattle Community College. Register for the Seattle meeting

The June 8 Spokane meeting will be held from 10 a.m. to noon at West Central Community Center. Register for the Spokane meeting

About the study

The study will look at goods and services and public works contracting and purchasing throughout the state. The study will include:

  • Thirty-three agencies, including two universities, covering more than 85 percent of state contract spending.
  • Most categories of spending for goods and services and non-transportation public works construction.

The study will use statistics and proven research methods to address whether or not there is a disparity between available minority- and women-owned businesses and state government’s use of these businesses. It will also provide a factual foundation that Washington can use to help ensure all state agencies are using procurement policies and processes that result in fair and equitable outcomes. An advisory group convened in 2016 played an important role in identifying the study scope and data questions to be answered in the study.

The study will not duplicate the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) disparity study that is now underway. It also does not include or duplicate study efforts related to contracting and procurement work done by non-state government agencies, such as ports, cities or counties.

More information


March 15, 2017, Meeting Summary

Department of Enterprise Services

1500 Jefferson Building, Director’s Conference Room 6244

Members/Alternates Present: Alfie Alvarado Ramos (DVA), Rex Brown (DES), Roger Millar (WSDOT), Joel Sacks (LNI), Vann Smiley (DSHS)
Guests/Support Present: Linda Kent (DES)

Members Not Present: Jody Becker-Green (DOC), Teresa Berntsen (OMWBE), Rachelle Davis (GOV), Michael Itti (CAPAA), Pat Lashway (DSHS), Chris Liu (DES), Ed Prince (CAAA), Lisa van der Lugt (CHA)

Disparity Study Begins

A discussion was held to inform the Subcabinet of a kick-off meeting for agencies to be held on March 23, 2017, to introduce the consultant for a statewide disparity study and to discuss the work and commitment needed from the 33 agencies involved in the study.  Contact has been made to each agency head, with a request for attendance by those persons who will assist in the data gathering for each agency.  Subcabinet was informed that it is critical that we have the right person(s) identified (contract manager, data analyst, etc.) to serve as liaison to collect this important data.  Prior to the consultant presentation, a representative from the Attorney General’s office will discuss the impact of public records on this work. Subcabinet recommended engaging the deputies of the 33 agencies prior to the kick-off.

Technical Team Charters

Subcabinet is informed of Technical Team Charter drafts.

Key Messages

Subcabinet is informed of new Key messages for this phase of Roadmap and where to find them.


Subcabinet is informed of ongoing community outreach and feedback efforts with NAMC, Tabor 100, CDE, and more.

Agency & Vendor Spotlight

Request for Subcabinet to include vendor and agency to highlight success stories was approved.

Virtual Repository

The subcabinet was informed that the virtual repository was scheduled for discussion at the Procurement Customer Advisory Group on March 15, 2017.



Business Diversity Subcabinet

January 18, 2017, Meeting Summary

Department of Enterprise Services

1500 Jefferson Building, Director’s Conference Room 6244

 Members/Alternates Present: Alfie Alvarado Ramos (DVA), Jody Becker-Green (DOC), Jeff Canaan (DES), Rex Brown (DES), Chris Liu (DES), Roger Millar (WSDOT), Joel Sacks (LNI), Vann Smiley (DSHS), Lisa van der Lugt (CHA), Randi Warick (LNI)
Guests/Support Present: Danelle Guerin (DES), Linda Kent (DES)

Members Not Present: Teresa Bernsten (OMWBE), Rachelle Davis (GOV) Michael Itti (CAPAA)

Mission, Vision, Values

The subcabinet reviewed and approved the refined mission, vision and values of the subcabinet’s body of work.

Subcabinet Overview Document

The subcabinet reviewed and approved the overview document that will be used as a high-level hand-out for public meetings.

Roadmap Review

The subcabinet reviewed the document which reflects the tasks and timelines of the workgroup and technical teams. It also establishes the agendas for each meeting.

There will be a standard template for communication/talking points for agencies to modify based on needs. This will ensure consistent messaging as to the work being done.

Office Space Update

There is a designated work area for the workgroup and technical teams set up in the GA building. This area will be used as needed.

Technical Team Workplan

Technical Team charters are being created to clarify the work of each team. These teams will be working on various experiments such as vendor onboarding, vendor surveys, master contract process, B2G Now and others.

Virtual Repository

There was general consensus from the subcabinet that we are on the right track with the internal website to be used for documents, resources, etc., but would like a more robust evaluation by users such as state procurement professionals and other primary users of the site prior to launch.  Once determined, the Workgroup can proceed with implementation.

Subcabinet updates and public documents will continue to be posted on the OMWBE website.

Request to Amend Subcabinet Documents

All documents were approved to be amended as presented.

Disparity Study

The Subcabinet was informed of the disparity study project schedule.

Open Forum/Other Business

DOT’s volunteer mentorship program is underway.