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Washington Business Diversity Subcabinet Phase 2 Project Roadmap

September 2016 – Subcabinet Meeting Summary

Location: Department of Enterprise Services, 1500 Jefferson Building, Director’s Conference Room

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016, 1 – 3 p.m.

Member Attendees (and alternates): Chris Liu (DES), Jody Becker-Green (DOC), Teresa Berntsen (OMWBE), Gary Condra (DVA), Khalia Davis (WSDOT), RaShelle Davis (Governor’s Office), Uriel Iniguez (CHA), Michael Itti (CAPAA), Patricia Lashway (DSHS), Susan Lucas (HCA), and Randi Warick (LNI).

Guests and support: Linda Kent (DES), Danelle Guerin (DES), Erin Lopez (DES), Dana Phelps (DSHS), Cheryl Smith (COM), and Jon Tallman (LNI).

Continuation of Efforts, Celebration of Success

  • Disparity Study consultant has been chosen. DES is managing the contract on behalf of the state and expects to have the contract signed soon.
  • Discussed strategy for communicating our progress and successes. We have successes and are making progress.  An example of this is inclusion plans in public works.

Subcabinet Action Plan

  • Decided to use visual management tool for Subcabinet action plan so external and internal stakeholders can more clearly understand where we are at and where we are going.

Measurement Framework

  • Discussed method for developing a framework to measure what matters.
    • Confirmation of the concept, which is an intense and resource heavy process to decide upon measures that matter.
  • Change management will be an important aspect of joint efforts on how we drive results.
  • Adopted a 10-month time frame with an estimated completion date in April 2017.