Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses.

If you would like to post an opportunity, notice, RFQ or RFP, please mail your notice in Word format to OMWBE Web Admin.

If you are a firm interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity.  If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the ad. Use of the information on this site is subject to the Terms of Service.

Ongoing Opportunities

Available RFPs, RFQs, & Bids

Closing Date Project
Feb 21, 2017 SOQ: Engineering Services, Vader WA
Feb 21, 2017 RFP Packet: Grant County Comprehensive Plan Update
Feb 21, 2017 Sunset and Heathfield Pump Stations and Force Main Upgrade, King County
Feb 22, 2017 Log Cabin Road Reservoir – City of Olympia
Feb 22, 2017 City of Olympia – Log Cabin Road Reservoir (Project No. 1240P)
Feb 22, 2017 Log Cabin Road Reservoir, City of Olympia Project No. 1240P
Feb 22, 2017 Sidewalk Improvement Project, Northport WA
Feb 22, 2017 Log Cabin Road Reservoir, Project No.: 1240P
Feb 22, 2017 Log Cabin Road Reservoir (Project No. 1240P) – City of Olympia
Feb 22, 2017 Log Cabin Road Reservoir, City of Olympia Project No. 1240P
Feb 23, 2017 PROJECT 2017-05, Interior and Exterior Painting of Occupied Office Building, Everett WA
Feb 23, 2017 Building 28 Remodel – SPSCC, South Puget Sound Community College
Feb 24, 2017 McGilvra Elementary – New Cafeteria Building, Seattle Public Schools
Feb 28, 2017 N.W. Lacamas Lane Landslide Repair City Project No. SS-612C2, City of Camas WA
Feb 28, 2017 B.F. Day and Gatewood Seismic Improvements, Seattle SD Bid No. B11628
Feb 28, 2017 RFP No: 03-17DF Wetland Mitigation Banking Credits
Feb 28, 2017 Bid No. 016-17SR, Parts Washer, Front Load Automatic
Feb 28, 2017 Beach Lake Conservation Area Infrastructure Removal
Mar 02, 2017 Jane Addams Middle School Voluntary Seismic Improvements and Minor Alterations, Phase IV, B11632
Mar 02, 2017 Purchase of Parsons Tables, PR1700701
Mar 02, 2017 Bid No. 019-17SR, Toner and Ink
Mar 03, 2017 RFP: 10-17DW Elevator Consulting Services
Mar 03, 2017 RFP No. 14-17DW Human Resources Assessment
Mar 03, 2017 RFQ: Architectural and Engineering Services, Project 2017-08, Everett Housing Authority
Mar 03, 2017 Microsoft Surface Hub and Mount, PR1702220, DSHS
Mar 06, 2017 RFP: for Case Management Services and Resident Support for Clutter and Maintenance Issues for Clients of the Seattle Housing Authority
Mar 06, 2017 RFQ-01-17DW Construction Inspection Services
Mar 06, 2017 Brick Paver Renovation – Phase II, F16-240, TESC
Mar 06, 2017 Bid No. 2017-02 – Pacific County Courthouse Basement Renovation Project
Mar 06, 2017 RFP-13-17DW Neuromuscular Incapacitation Devices (NMI)
Mar 07, 2017 Dearborn Park E.S. Mechanical Improvements, Bid No. B11629
Mar 08, 2017 CRC Ramp, F16-011, TESC
Mar 08, 2017 Synthetic Turf Replacement at Old Van Asselt and Whitman Middle School, Field Lighting Infrastructure at Whitman Middle School, Bid No. B11638, Seattle SD #1
Mar 09, 2017 E.C. Hughes Elementary School Modernization Project, Bid No. B11633, Seattle SD #1
Mar 09, 2017 Private School Educator Conference Facilitator
Mar 09, 2017 I-5/NB MLK Jr Way to NE Ravenna Br – Pavement Repair & More
Mar 10, 2017 RFP-01-17DW MRO Supplies and Stocking Services
Mar 10, 2017 RFP No. 2017-05: Cultural Competency Training Program, OSPI
Mar 10, 2017 RFP-16-17DW Bottled Water Delivery Service
Mar 13, 2017 RFP-15-17DW Strategic Planning Services
Mar 14, 2017 Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport for the 2017 Airfield Improvements Project
Mar 15, 2017 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project, Town Of Coulee Dam
Mar 16, 2017 RFP: Update of PSRC Macroeconomic Forecast Model & Transportation Revenue Estimation Tool
Mar 16, 2017 North Shore Sewer Transmission System City Project NO. WS-681C, City of Camas
Mar 16, 2017 North Shore Sewer Transmission System, Project No. WS-681C, City of Camas
Mar 17, 2017 RFP-12-17DW Janitorial Services
Mar 20, 2017 RFP-18-17DW Surface Water Management Utility Business Plan
Mar 22, 2017 Solicitation for Proposals #1713-628 for Domestic Violence Prevention, Building Agency Capacity and Community Readiness
Mar 24, 2017 KT 16-555 Small Passenger-Only Ferry Vessel Construction
Mar 24, 2017 Trip Planning Consultant – 2017-010
Mar 30, 2017 RFP # 1713-CSD001 Naturalization Services
Apr 15, 2017 RFP: Testing and Maintenance of Electrical Material and Equipment, Substation Facilities, and Protection Apparatuses
May 31, 2017 RFP: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Dec 31, 2017 ESA Medical and Psychological Services
Dec 31, 2017 RFQ: Architectural, Engineering and Architectural Landscaping and Consulting Services
Dec 31, 2017 2017 MRSC Rosters
Dec 31, 2017 Notice to Vendors, Clark Public Utilities
Dec 31, 2017 Small Works, Professional Engineering & Architects Rosters, Clark Public Utilities
Dec 31, 2017 RFP: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s ScRAPS Program.
Dec 31, 2017 RFQ: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency – Truck Replacement Program
Dec 31, 2017 Kitsap Transit Contracting Opportunities
Dec 31, 2018 Master Contract 00508-Janitorial Services Open Enrollment Announcement
Dec 31, 2018 RFQ: 2017-2018 Critical Patient Care And Specialized Medical Research Facilities Roster – General Contractors