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City Center Connector Streetcar, advance utility package, Phase 2 (FTA)-City of Seattle


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PROJECT: City Center Connector Streetcar, advance utility package, Phase 2 (FTA) – City of Seattle

BID FAX: (360) 829-5473

For bid submission please fax or email to:

Johansen Excavating, Inc.

ATTN: Jamie Osborn – Estimator

Fax: (360) 829-5473

Phone: (360) 829-6493

Project Description: Perform utility improvements including water, sewer, drainage, and electrical power distribution. Water improvements include removal of existing cast iron water main and replacement with a new DI water main, including valves, hydrants and water services. Sewer improvements consist of maintenance hole riser reconstruction, sewer lateral spot repairs, and CIPP lining in the sewer mainline on First Avenue from Seneca Street to Spring Street. SDOT improvements include drainage improvements such as replacement of inlets, pipe and catch basins at intersections and mid-block throughout the project corridor. Work includes a new duct bank to serve the traction power system for future streetcar. Electrical power distribution improvements include reconstruction of existing duct bank on First Avenue between Stewart Street and Union Street, on Stewart Street from Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue, on Stewart Street from Westlake Avenue to Fifth Avenue and then along Fifth Avenue to Olive Way, and on Republican Street at Westlake Avenue. Improvements to the corridor will include roadway pavement, curb, and sidewalk restoration, along with misc work for associated pavement and sidewalk removal, temp and permanent pavement restoration and other surface improvements including landscape restoration.

Bidding Documents

All bidding documents are available at: BXWA Project #3267, or on the City of Seattle eBid eXchange site.

JEI is actively encouraging the participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) on this project. All DBE suppliers and subcontractors are strongly encouraged to submit bids.

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, December 13, 2017