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Inflow and Infiltration Improvement Project, Winlock, WA

Attn: DBE Subcontractors and Suppliers

Re: Request for Pricing

Prospect Construction Inc. is requesting pricing from DBE firms for the following project:

Project Name: Inflow and Infiltration Improvement Project

Project Location: Winlock, WA

Project Scope: Schedule A of this project includes the construction of new sewer main and side sewers on SW Mayer Street and SW Campbell. Additional work includes manhole rehabilitation and the installation of cured in place pipe and side sewers on: Kerron Avenue between West Walnut street and Olequa Creek; NW Laurel Avenue; NW Mill Avenue; NE Front Street; NE Rhodes Street; NE Jabez Street; portions of NW Mill Avenue; portions of NW King Street; Shannon Lewis Lane, NW Fir Street; NW Clark Avenue and NW Grant Avenue as shown on the plans. Work also includes the installation of new side sewers at other locations, as shown on the plans, not associated with cured in place pipe installation.

Schedule B of this project includes the rehabilitation of the Membrane Biological Reactor Treatment Trains of the wastewater treatment facility with new equipment and instrumentation in addition to modifications to the process basins and piping including revised permeate piping, new sluice gates in the preaeration basins, new sluice gates in the MBR basins, new stop gates and weir plates between the preaeration basins and the MBR basins to improve flow splitting and new 8-inch basin transfer piping to assist in taking the treatment trains on and off line. The project also includes the replacement of the existing facility wide PLC/HMI hardware and software, and software programing and a new trolley hoist to provide access to the membranes for maintenance and repair.

Project Size: $4 Million

Plans and Specs Located at:

This is a link to the DBE form that needs to be submitted with the bids

Submit with Bid: DBE Subcontractor Participation Form (EPA Form 6100-2)

Bid Date and Time: November 16, 2017 at 11:00AM

Send Bids to: Kelby Vaughan at

or fax to (253) 446-1601

Closing Date: 
Thursday, November 16, 2017