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RFP: Archie Anderson Park Master Plan Update, Longview, WA


1.1 Purpose

Park Master Plan and Cost Estimate

The City of Longview Parks and Recreation (LP&R) Department is soliciting proposals from qualified Consultants to provide comprehensive park planning services for the following:

Anderson Master Plan Update. This work will provide planning services working under the direction of LP&R staff to evaluate the current plan and the uses and layout of the park. The goal is to develop an updated master plan that is responsive to the site, park users, and the community and incorporate sustainable landscape construction and maintenance principles. It is the intent of the LP&R Department to review and assess the RFP responses to determine if the responding firms can meet the needs of the City of Longview.

1.2 General Submission Information

The LP&R Department intends to award a single contract for this project. The proposal should address the Consultant’s capabilities for performing all aspects of the project development process while presenting specific project information and substantiating the Consultant’s methodologies and approach for completing the work requested. The official title for this project is: Archie Anderson Master Plan Update


1.3 Questions

Questions regarding this proposal shall be submitted to:

Jennifer Wills, Director

Longview Parks and Recreation Department

2920 Douglas Street

Longview, WA 98632


1.4 Preparation Costs

The City shall not be responsible for proposal preparation costs, nor for costs including attorney fees associated with any (administrative, judicial or otherwise) challenge to the determination of the highest-ranked Proposer and/or award of contract and/or rejection of proposal. By submitting a proposal each Proposer agrees to be bound in this respect and waives all claims to such costs and fees.


2.1 Examination of Proposals

Proposers should carefully examine the entire RFP, any addenda thereto, and all related materials and data referenced in the RFP. Proposers should become fully aware of the nature of the Work and the conditions likely to be encountered in performing the Work.

2.2 Proposal Acceptance Period

Award of this proposal is anticipated to be announced within forty-five (45) calendar days after the due date, although all offers must be completed and irrevocable for ninety (90) days following the submission date.

2.3 Confidentiality

The content of all proposals will be kept confidential until the selection of the Contractor is publicly announced. At that time the selected proposal is open for review. After the award of the Contract, all proposals will then become public information.

2.4 Proposal Format

Proposals are to be prepared in such a way as to provide a straightforward, concise delineation of the Proposer’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Emphasis should be placed on:

Conformance to the RFP instructions

Responsiveness to the RFP requirements

Overall completeness and clarity of content

2.5 Signature Requirements

All proposals must be signed. An officer or other agent of a corporate vendor, if authorized to sign Contracts on its behalf; a member of a partnership; the owner of a privately owned vendor; or other agent if properly authorized by a Power of Attorney or equivalent document may sign a proposal. The name and title of the individual(s) signing the proposal must be clearly shown immediately below the signature.

2.6 Proposal Submission

Five (5) copies of the proposal must be received by the City LP&R Department prior to 4:00 PM on Thursday, January 18, 2018. All copies of the proposals must be under sealed cover and plainly marked with the project name. Proposals shall be delivered or mailed to:

Jennifer Wills, Director

Longview Parks and Recreation Department

2920 Douglas Street

Longview, WA 98632

2.7 News Releases

News releases pertaining to the award resulting from the RFPs shall not be made without prior written approval of the LP&R Department.

2.8 Disposition of Proposals

All materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the City of Longview. One copy shall be retained for the official files of the LP&R Department and will become public record after award of the Contract.

2.9 Modification/Withdrawal of Proposals

A respondent may withdraw a proposal at any time prior to the final submission date by sending written notification of its withdrawal, signed by an agent authorized to represent the agency. The respondent may thereafter submit a new or modified proposal prior to the final submission date. Modifications offered in any other manner, oral or written, will not be considered. A final proposal cannot be changed or withdrawn after the time designated for receipt, except for modifications requested by the City after the date of receipt and following oral presentations.

2.10 Oral Change/Interpretation

No oral change or interpretation of any provision contained in this RFP is valid whether issued at a pre-proposal conference or otherwise. Written addenda will be issued when changes, clarifications, or amendments to proposal documents are deemed necessary by the City.

2.11 Late Submissions

Proposals not received prior to the date and time specified in section 2.6 will not be considered and will be returned unopened after recommendation of award.

2.12 Rejection of Proposals

The City of Longview reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if determined to be in the best interest of the City.

2.13 Insurance Requirements

A. The proposer certifies that it/they can comply with the City of Longview minimum insurance requirements of:

Workers' compensation and employer's liability coverage as required by Washington law.

Commercial general liability - $1,000,000 per occurrence.

General Aggregate for bodily injury, including personal injury or death, products liability, and property damage - $2,000,000 per occurrence.

Business automobile liability - $1,000,000 per accident.

B. Each policy of insurance required by this Section shall provide for no less than 30 days' advance written notice to the City of Longview prior to cancellation.

C. The City of Longview SHALL be listed as an additional insured on all policies except Professional Liability and Worker’s Compensation Policies. In addition, all policies except Professional Liability and Worker’s Compensation shall contain a waiver of subrogation against Longview.


3.1 Project Scope

A. Part One – History

The Archie Anderson Park Master Plan was adopted in 2011 to address upgrading existing facilities and to introduce new amenities into the park system. During the park planning process the main focus was on enhancing the park to accommodate a large baseball facility although decline in participation in youth baseball was already underway in Longview. The current plan includes installing additional baseball features and does not meet the current need of the park and residents. Creating a plan that calls for the removal of the current baseball field and construction of open space, sports fields, and community gathering areas will draw attraction to the park and be more useful to residents.

B. Part Two - Park Master Plan and Cost Estimate

Archie Anderson Park is a 6.38 acre community park located on Alabama Street between 21st and 22nd Avenues. Working under the direction of the LP&R Department the consultant will provide planning services to evaluate the current uses and layout of the park, provide a detailed cost estimate, and prepare written and graphic recommendations. The planning process requires allowing for public input and public review and comment before a final plan is presented first to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for recommendation for final adoption by the Longview City Council.

3.2 Scope of Professional Services

The scope of services requested includes the following phases of work:

TASK 1) Project Initiation

TASK 2) Research and Analysis

TASK 3) On-going Community Outreach and Public Participation

TASK 4) Schematic Design

TASK 5) Final Master Plan

Task 1: Project Initiation

Meet with city staff project team to develop and finalize a detailed work plan and schedule which at a minimum will establish meeting and presentation schedules and clarify roles and responsibilities of both staff and consultant teams.


a) Meeting notes

b) Final work plan and project schedule

Task 2: Research and Analysis Phase

Review all available background materials, history, previous master plans, and adoptions.

Perform site reviews and investigations, including a walk through with staff members most knowledgeable about the maintenance, operations, condition and use of the various site components.

Conduct meetings and/or interviews with City representatives and key external stakeholders to identify existing site challenges, environmental constraints, desired improvements, and their preferred future vision. Internal representatives include staff members from Parks and Recreation; Public Works; Police; Planning; Economic Development; and Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. External stakeholders include but may not be necessarily limited to: Highlands Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Resource Coordination Council, Lion’s Den Boxing Club, and Cowlitz Cobra Football.

Evaluate the existing site features in terms of condition and need for upgrade, visual quality, public use value and historical preservation. Identify potential environmental constraints and develop a work plan if there are any mitigation requirements.


a) Summary of meeting notes from internal City representatives and external stakeholders

b) Draft and final versions of Research and Analysis findings

c) Initial environmental scan and future work plan

Task 3: On-Going Community Outreach and Public Participation

Prepare and conduct a community outreach process that will allow for the maximum public participation through a variety of strategies, including but not limited to:

surveys, stakeholder meetings, workshops, focus groups and social media platforms.

Consultants shall avail themselves to any and all opportunities to meet with park users, neighborhood associations, downtown/business representatives, and other stakeholders.

The community outreach process should seek to achieve the following:

Educate the public about the master plan vision and objectives and the results of initial findings including constraints, opportunities and challenges.

Provide opportunities for input on current park conditions, desirable amenities, activity adjacencies, etc.

Solicit feedback once schematic designs are presented.

Prepare all written, graphic and social media materials required to support the public outreach effort.


a) Work plan detailing the community outreach strategy and timeline

b) All written, graphic and social media materials

c) Written summary of community and public input

d) Provide staff with project progress updates to present to Park and Recreation Advisory Board and City Council

Task 4: Schematic Design

Based on research and analysis findings and community outreach input, prepare schematic master plan alternatives as needed for review by internal and external stakeholders as well as the general public. Continue community outreach and public input process as needed to solicit comments.

Prepare preliminary construction cost estimates for each alternative. Prepare preliminary operating and maintenance cost estimates for any new design elements being proposed.

Draft Initial Study of environmental impacts resulting from the proposed modifications, indicating what if any, special studies will be required and the level of environmental review needed.


Site plans, architectural drawings, renderings or any other graphic materials needed to convey the schematic alternatives to both internal and external audiences.

Brief, narrative descriptions of any proposed new design features, including their purpose and function.

Written comments from internal/external review.

Presentations to City’s formal review boards (Development Review Board, Public Works Commission, Planning Commission), as required to solicit comments and feedback. (staff may present provided presentation)

Presentation of schematic alternatives to Park and Recreation Advisory Board and City Council, including feedback received to date. (staff may present provided presentation)

All written and graphic materials needed to conduct presentations.

Task 5: Final Master Plan

Based upon comments, develop the preferred Final Park Master Plan, including master site plan, all section and elevation drawings, renderings and any other drawings related to specialized areas.


Final Park Master Plan Report, including all site plans, section and elevation drawings and renderings; Research and Analysis findings; summary of strategies utilized and comments obtained during Community Outreach and Public Participation processes; descriptions of all master plan features; a final itemized construction cost estimate; itemized maintenance and/or operations costs for any new feature; and recommendations for phased development.

Presentations to City’s formal review Boards (Planning Commission or Historic Preservation Commission), if required.

Presentation of Final Master Plan to Park and Recreation Advisory Committee and City Council for approval.

All written and graphic materials needed to conduct presentations

3.3 Scope of City Responsibilities

The City shall:

A. Provide a Project Manager

B. Provide copies of all existing site maps, studies, plans, and other background data

C. Provide contact information for both internal staff and external stakeholders

D. Coordinate, notice, and schedule all public meetings, and meetings with City’s boards, commissions, and City Council.

E. Prepare all administrative reports to the commissions and City Council.


To achieve a uniform review process and obtain the maximum degree of comparability, the proposals shall be organized in the manner specified below.

Core Content

Proposals shall not exceed five (5) pages in length for Core Content (items 1, 2, 3, and 4 in section 4.1 item D. below).

Supporting Attachments

Proposals shall not exceed eight (8) total pages of Supporting Attachments (see section 4.1 item E. below)

Information in excess of those allowed will not be evaluated or scored. One page shall be interpreted as one side of single-spaced, typed, 8½” x 11” sheet of paper with 1-inch margins. The typeface of all pages in this proposal shall be 12 font or greater.

4.1 Proposal Narrative

All proposal information shall be presented in a single-bound volume that has been checked sufficiently to ensure completeness and accuracy of detail. Proposals that do not comply with the instructions in this RFP will not be accepted. It is mandatory that the proposal contains items A through D below (item E is optional), and that it be presented in the following order:

A. Cover

Show the RFP title being proposed on and the name of your firm.

B. Letter of Transmittal (1 page)

Identify the RFP project for which the proposal has been prepared, the name of your firm, address, telephone number(s), e-mail, name of contact person, and date.

Briefly state your Firm’s understanding of the services to be performed and make a positive commitment to provide the services as specified.

Provide the name(s) of the person(s) authorized to make representations for your firm, their titles, address, and telephone numbers.

A corporate officer or other individual who has the authority to bind the firm must sign the letter. The name and title of the individual(s) signing the proposal must be clearly shown immediately below the signature.

C. Table of Contents (1 page)

Clearly identify the materials by Section and Page Number.

D. Core Content (5 pages maximum)

1. Recent Parks and Recreation Master Planning Experience

Include as a part of your proposal a brief statement concerning the recent relevant experience of the persons from your firm and each sub-consultant who will be actively engaged in the proposed effort. Do not include firm experience unless individuals who will work on this project participated in that experience.

If the consultant proposal includes sub-consultants, a list of such sub- consultants shall be submitted and qualifications and experience stated for each sub-consultant.

2. Consultant Work Plan

The proposal must include a brief description of the Proposer’s over all approach to master planning and any unique capabilities the Firm can bring to the project.

Also include information addressing how the Proposer plans to provide project management, quality assurance, contract deliverables, budget and cost control, schedule control, and internal/external coordination for this project.

3. Key Project Personnel

It is recommended personnel have a thorough knowledge and understanding of parks and recreation operations and facilities to provide perspective related to master planning analysis and recommendations.

Specific background information on key individuals who will be assigned to the project must be included. The background information on these individuals should emphasize their work experience relative to project requirements, current projects, and availability. The proposed key personnel must be the personnel assigned to the project.

It is intended that personnel assigned will carry this project to conclusion. If for unforeseen reasons a key personnel can no longer contribute to the discipline specialties for which they have been selected, the Consultant may petition the Project Manager in writing within thirty (30) days of any changes of personnel that are included in this statement and the addition to the Consultant’s staff of personnel who may contribute to the discipline specialties for which the key personnel has been selected.

The City reserves the right to approve all personnel changes. The City also reserves the right to cancel any task request in effect should it determine that the proposed personnel is not available or assigned to the task order.

4. Past Project Performance

Information is to be provided on the firm’s performance on past projects (include City projects if applicable), in regards to the project management items identified. Provide the names, addresses, current telephone numbers, and a brief project description of three past or current clients who are able to comment on aspects of your work relevant to this proposal. Include reference contact information.

E. Supporting Attachments (if necessary 8 pages maximum)

Attach only information pertinent to the project being proposed on and that will provide reviewers clear and concise insights into your firm’s capabilities.

Items D and E should be separated with either color-coded or tab-type dividers so that information may be quickly located. Please note that grammar, spelling and conformance to RFP instructions will be a scoring factor of each proposal submitted.


Firms will be ranked using the points available for each RFP criterion. The criterion categories and points available for each are as follows:

Category Points

Recent Parks and Recreation Master Planning Experience 35

Consultant Work Plan 25

Key Project Personnel 25

Past Project Performance 10

Grammar, Spelling and Conformance to RFP Instructions 5

Total  100 points

A committee of individuals representing the City of Longview will evaluate the proposals. The committee will rank the proposals as submitted.

The City of Longview reserves the right to award contract(s) solely on the written proposal. The City also reserves the right to request oral interviews with the highest-ranked firms (short-list). The purpose of the interviews with the highest-ranked firms is to allow expansion upon the written responses. The City reserves the right to request additional questions to be answered during the interviews, determine the format and content of the interviews, and establish the maximum number of people who attend the interview from each short-listed firm. If interviews are conducted, a maximum of three firms will be short-listed. The Consultant’s project manager identified in the proposal will be required to attend the interviews. By submitting a proposal, it is understood that the Proposers may not change (add or delete) personnel for interviews from those listed in the proposals without written consent from the City.

A second score sheet will be used to score those firms interviewed. If oral interviews are conducted, the final selection will be based on the total of all evaluators’ scores achieved on the second rating. The highest-ranked Proposer(s), after the second scoring, if performed, may be invited to enter into final negotiations with the City for the purposes of Contract award.


The highest-ranked Proposer(s) may be invited to enter into Contract negotiations with the City of Longview. If an agreement cannot be reached, the second highest Proposer may be contacted for negotiations. This process may continue until successful negotiations are achieved. However, the City reserves the right to terminate negotiations with any Proposer should it be in the City’s best interest. The right is reserved to reject any or all proposals received, to waive irregularities, and to accept that proposal which is in the best interests of the City of Longview, Washington.

Closing Date: 
Thursday, January 18, 2018