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RFQ: Washington Woodland Cooperative (WWC) Project Manager

Request for Qualifications

Washington Woodland Cooperative (WWC) Project Manager

Date: November 21, 2017

The Washington Woodland Cooperative is a membership organization incorporated in the State of Washington. WWC wishes to contract with a qualified individual to manage the strategic goals of the Washington Woodland Cooperative as part of the three-year grant funded project as outlined in this RFQ.

Project Overview:

The Washington Woodland Cooperative was recently awarded a 3-year grant from the US Forest Service to establish dry firewood banks in eastern Skagit and Whatcom Counties. Firewood banks will be co-located with Wood Enterprise Centers.

Due to support from local Skagit and Whatcom county non-profits, the Firewood Bank will supply dry firewood for those households who use energy assistance vouchers to purchase wood to heat their homes. Bulk and bundled firewood will also be available for sale and distribution to commercial markets, some of which are already established.

The Wood Enterprise Centers will provide woodland product storage for local firewood cutters and provide a facility for small business people to produce and store woodland products to be marketed by the WWC or with assistance from the WWC. A Wood Bank work credit system will be developed and implemented that produces and distributes bulk firewood to people with low-income.

Goals and Objectives of this grant:


Reduce fuel loading and improve forest health in the North Cascades foothills by expanding the wood energy market for forest residues.

Improve air quality by providing dry clean burning firewood and by reducing slash pile volume.

Improve economic health of foothills communities by providing cooperative infrastructure, logistics and marketing for woodland products.


Establish dry firewood programs serving Skagit and Whatcom Counties, building to 1000 cords per year and accommodating customers who have energy assistance vouchers or other credits.

Increase solid wood fuel supply and market demand concurrently through recruitment of producers and aggressive regional marketing of bundled firewood.

Establish cooperative ‘Wood Enterprise Center’ facilities and marketing services in foothill communities in Whatcom and Skagit Counties to serve woodland entrepreneurs.

Reports to: Board of Directors as a Part-time, Hourly Contract Project Manager

Summary of Responsibilities:

Under the direction and guidance of the WWC Board of Directors (BOD), the Project Manager is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the Washington Woodlands Cooperative start-up project. The Project Manager will work with BOD members to achieve the strategic goals of the cooperative and meet the needs of its members while focusing on the WWC’s three-year grant-funded project.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Grant Administration:

Tasks related to the administration and implementation of the USFS-funded project described in the Federal Financial Assistance Award of Domestic Grant 17-DG-11062765-741, following the Program of Work & Technical Approach on page 34 through 36 of the 87-page pdf of the federal grant contract. Objectives as noted under Project Overview.


Maintains and administers member programs

Maintains member records

Develop and implement a volunteer training program

Board Relations:

Attends monthly BOD meeting

Performs administrative tasks on behalf of the BOD as delegated

Provides requested monthly reports to BOD

Leadership and Management:

Create and maintain systems of communication for members

Develop systems for production, bundling and sale of firewood

Develop systems for product development and pricing

Manage organizational risk

Grant Administration

Provide leadership to deliver grant objectives.

Manage grant agreements to ensure compliance with Federal, State, Local rules and regulations as it relates to Grant Administration.


Create and maintain relationships with vendors, salespeople and organizations the co-op does business with

Community Outreach: Builld and strengthen community relationships

Research opportunities, identify, implement and monitor new programs that will enhance and / or further WWC’s mission.


Works with the Board Treasurer to:

Oversee the financial system of the co-op and the bookkeeper

Present monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors

Prepare yearly budget for Board approval

The qualified individual should have excellent organizational skills, strong verbal and written communication skills. Experience with presentations to groups. He / She should be able to exercise discretion and independent judgement when carrying out duties, and demonstrate the ability to manage competing interests.

This individual should be focused on building long-term working relationships and a have a genuine interest in working with people of all ages and backgrounds to fulfill the mission of WWC.


Leadership and Board Relations

Resource Development and Communications

Recruitment, supervision and training of volunteers

Staff Supervision and Support

Operations and Management

Risk Management

Response Submission:

Please submit the following information in your response, incomplete responses will not be considered.

Cover letter

Please clearly state qualifications and experience. Please highlight previous experience with member organizations, grant management or cooperatives.

CV or Resume

Submit your response to:


Posting: Until December 15, 2017

Questions: Submitted by December 15 with responses by December 22, 2017

RFQ Due to WWC by December 31, 2017

Interviews and Reference Requests: January 15 – 25, 2018

Selection anticipated by: February 9, 2018

Start date to be determined by contract

Closing Date: 
Sunday, December 31, 2017