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SSAT Framing Strengthening


Project: SSAT Framing Strengthening

Bid Date: December 5, 2017 @ 1:00PM to

Estimated Contract Value $2,000,000

Estimated Start Date February 2018

PCL Construction Services, Inc will be submitting a bid as a Prime Contractor. We are seeking Small

Business and Minority Contractors to provide services for this construction opportunity. Please advise

us by return fax the bid items you plan to provide a quote on as well as your HUB, Small, M/W/DBE


Project Description:

This work for this project will address existing dead and live load structural deficiencies in the South

Satellite (SSAT) building.

Scopes of Work:

The scope of work includes beam to column strengthening at 28 locations (corridor level), column

strengthening at eight locations (ramp level), and haunch to column strengthening at four locations

(ramp level). A number of the existing columns currently support other systems that will need to be

relocated to support the construction effort. These include: HVAC ducts, Wi‐Fi antennas, conveyer

controls, tug charging stations, door optical sensors, mechanical piping, applied finishes, and a range

of other electrical/communication conduits. Asbestos abatement will be required in support of beam

to column strengthening work (corridor level), and the column strengthening work (ramp level).

>Prevailing wages required with certified payroll.

>Port of Seattle SIDA badges, Custom Seals and POS Trainings Required.

>POS pre‐bid on 11/20 @ 10 AM in Central Auditorium –not mandatory meeting.

There is a SBE business requirement of 35% with 25% of the requirement be “certified” SBE.

Plans and Specifications are available on the Builder’s Exchange website –

Posted Projects / General Contractor Project Area / Washington / PCL / Bellevue / Projects Bidding

No User Name or P/W Required. Or:

Please direct inquiries/correspondence to: Ben Reinhardsen – Lead Estimator


Phone: 425 454‐8020

Fax: 425 454‐5924

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, December 5, 2017