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Statistical Reporting Agent, Olympia WA

RFQQ S202102

Title Insurance Rates – Statistical Reporting Agent

Description of services needed

The purpose of this RFQQ is to solicit proposals from qualified contractors to perform the duties of a statistical reporting agent for the Office of Insurance Commissioner (OIC) as required by RCW 48.29.017.

Scope of work for this RFQQ includes, but is not limited to:

Receive reports of income and expense data in a format prescribed by the OIC from all authorized title insurers and title insurance agents in the state of Washington. See Attachments A-C of this RFQQ for sample examples of data collected. 

Review the submitted reports for completeness, accuracy, and quality. 

Work with the title insurers and title insurance agents submitting the reports to assure the completeness, accuracy, and quality of the reports. 

Ensure title insurers and title insurance agents are reporting data in accordance with OIC instructions, including the requirement that insurers report data for direct operations only. 

Prepare and submit a report of the aggregated data to the title insurers, title insurance agents, and the OIC in a manner prescribed by the OIC. 

Provide updated aggregated data reports and individual data reports to the OIC when necessary to include late-reported data from title insurers and title insurance agents. 

Prepare a report to the OIC indicating direct written premiums of each title insurer and title insurance agent for the State of Washington. 

Complete scope of work is listed in Section 1.2 of the solicitation document.

Required experience includes, but is not limited to:

Three (3) years collecting and auditing data

Complete requirements are listed in Section 1.3 of the solicitation document.

Important dates

For complete details, review the Producer Licensing and Education Modules RFQQ.

August 7, 2019: Questions due from vendors

August 13, 2019: Last amendment from OIC

August 21, 2019, 4:00 pm: Proposals due to OIC

For more information please see:

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, August 21, 2019