Use of Logos

The Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises logo is the cornerstone of our identity; a valuable asset that clearly identifies our agency, communicates the Department’s professional level of service, and reinforces our commitment of integrity in our services and programs to business owners and stakeholders.

Our logo was designed for versatility, and easy recognition of our brand. It was researched, developed, then designed to represent our brand in a distinctive, memorable, clear, clever, and compelling way.

The Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) grants permission to any public or private entity or individual to use an unaltered copy of the OMWBE logo on its web site or in print materials so long as the following conditions are met:

Web site use:

  1. Any hyperlink from the logo must be to the OMWBE Website at
  2. The logo must be used in a manner which befits the dignity of the State of Washington.

Print materials and other use:

  1. The logo may be used on print and promotional materials provided the use is consistent with OWMBE goals and purposes.
  2. OMWBE certified business, members of the advisory committee, and other state, county or local agencies may use the OWMBE logo for promotional purposes. A business that has lost its certification with OMWBE must cease use of the OMWBE logo immediately upon notice of decertification.
  3. Any other entity must request permission from OWMBE prior to use of the logo. To request permission to use the logo contact:

P.O. Box 41160
Olympia, WA  98504
Contact Receptionist

OMWBE Logo Use and Specifications

  1. Three formats are available, OMWBE horizontal, OMWBE vertical, and OMWBE Certified horizontal.
  2. OMWBE Logo - Horizontal Format OMWBE Logo - Vertical Format OMWBE Certified Logo - Horizontal Format

  3. The logotype CANNOT be used on its own at any time. The acronym OMWBE CANNOT be used with the logo.  Instead, only the full name of the agency may be used with logo.
  4. Please do not alter the properties of the logo as it may affect image quality and may constitute a violation of its trademark.
  5. DO NOT combine the logo with the logotype; alter, stretch or distort the shape of the logo; alter the position of the logotype to the mark; add shadows to the logo; change fonts; use the acronym OMWBE; change the colors; add symbols or combine with other logos; trap the logo in another shape; use the logo in a sentence; use the logo without the Washington State identifier; scale portions of logo differently.
  6. The full logo width should never be smaller than shown here:
  7. Logo Use - minimum size

  8. The logo mark width should be no smaller than 0.1875″ wide.
  9. Logo Use - mark

  10. Recommended reproduction size is:
  11. Logo Use - recommended reproduction size

  12. Download OMWBE Logos (.tif and .png format)
  13. OMWBE Logo - Horizontal Format
    Click to Download
    OMWBE Logo - Vertical Format
    Click to Download
    OMWBE Certified Logo - Horizontal Format
    Click to Download

    Use at 100% of original size provided. Logo can be scaled larger for signage and other media respectively.