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Creating Extraordinary Elevator Pitches (PTAC)

10 Seconds to Impact - Creating Extraordinary Elevator Pitches

At the next Meet the Buyer event you might only have 10 seconds to make an impression - MAKE IT COUNT!!! 

How do you make the most of your time you have infront of a decision maker?

Learn how to make an impact with your pitch during this webinar.

You’ll gain critical awareness and tools you can use immediately to improve the quality of your elevator pitch.

Add punch, power and pizzazz to your pitches. 

  •         Stand up and out with poise and deliver dynamic messages about themselves, their businesses, their organizations
  •         Talk so people will listen and want to hear more
  •         Find the core of your message and learn to vary the content and length in order to meet the demands of the audience


We will be conducting this session via Zoom and a zoom link will be sent to you the morning of the event.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Organizer Name: 
Lisa Lagerstrom
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Organizer Phone: 
(425) 248-4223