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Annual Report

The Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report is now available!

Highlights include:

  • 3,250 businesses certified with OMWBE at the end of FY 2023.
  • 2,685 businesses held OMWBE State Certification, and 1,598 businesses held OMWBE Federal Certification.
    Businesses can be dual-certified.
  • Certification analysts supported small and diverse businesses by responding to 4,925 certification related questions.
  • 205 businesses held 295 loans in the Linked Deposit Program at the end of FY 2023 worth a combined total value of $101,446,385.
  • Agencies and institutions of higher education spent a combined $253,548,662 with OMWBE Certified Businesses, representing
    3.21% of total eligible state spending.
  • Combined spending rose from 2.96% in FY 2022 to 3.21% in FY 2023. State agencies achieved 4.86%, and institutions of higher education 0.71%.
  • Fully launched the enterprise reporting tool, Access Equity, in February 2024.
  • Welcomed six certified minority and women business owners to participate as voting members of the
    Governor’s Subcabinet on Business Diversity.

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