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What Is Counted in the Report

What spend is included in the current diversity participation reports?

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What is Included


Manner of Payment


All payments processed through AFRS for agencies, and through SBCTC and WATECH for educational institutions:

• Warrants

• ACH (Electronic Transfers)

Not Included:

• Cash Payments

• Payments by P-card



All payees with a federal Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Not Included:

• State and other government entities

• Revenue refunds

• Employees

• Volunteers

• Clients

Categories of spend


C. Professional service contracts

E. Goods and services:

EA. Supplies

EB. Communications

EE. Repairs/maintenance

EF. Printing

EG. Training

EH. Furnishings/equipment

ER. Purchased services

ES. Vehicle operations

EY. Software licenses, maintenance, subscriptions

EZ. Miscellaneous

F. Cost of goods sold (FD, FH)

J. Capital outlays (most types):

Assets (JA, JB, JC, JF, JM, JN, JQ)

Construction of assets (JG, JH, JK)

Planning and other related construction costs (JL, JZ)

Not Included:

A/B. Employee compensation

Activities internal to state government:

  • Services provided by state agencies/educational institutions (EK, EL, EM, EN, ET, EV, EW, EX, GN)
  • Inter/tra-agency reimbursements (S/T)

EC. Utilities

ED. Rentals/leases

EI. Retailer commissions

EJ. Subscriptions

EP. Insurance

Some cost of goods sold categories (FA, FB, FC, FE)

G. Travel

JE. Land

JD. Library resources

JR. Intangible assets

N. Grants, benefits, and client services

P. Debt service