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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you are a firm interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity. If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the bid opportunity.

If you would like to post an opportunity, notice, RFQ or RFP, please mail your notice in a Word document to OMWBE Web Admin.

Use of the information on this site is subject to the Terms of Service.

Project Closing Datesort descending
Willow Grove Restrooms Renovation Materials Purchase, Longview WA 08/07/20
Affordable Housing Development and Preservation, Pierce County WA 08/07/20
Mt View High School Replacement, Vancouver WA 08/07/20
Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center Program, Quality and Technical Assistance Provider to Support Capacity and Professional Learning 08/10/20
Paving of Unpaved Streets, Spokane WA 08/10/20
Consulting Services for Constructability Review for Multiple School Projects for the Seattle Public Schools, Seattle WA 08/10/20
Main Avenue Lift Station Improvements, Morton WA 08/11/20
Goerig St ADA Ramp Replacement Bidding Information, Woodland WA 08/11/20
Fircrest Community Center 08/11/20
Convention Center Guard House, Tacoma WA 08/11/20
Professional Janitorial Services, Newport WA 08/11/20
WSU Spokane South Campus Parking Lot Expansion 08/12/20
RFQ072092 Geotechnical Inspections and Soil Testing Services for BEX V Asa Mercer International Middle School Re-construction, Seattle WA 08/12/20
Kitsap County Buildable Lands Program Update 08/12/20
Liquid Cationic Polyelectrolyte, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Spraying of undesirable weeds - Ormond Park, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Electrical Repairs, Installations, and Plant Maintenance, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
HP Cold Mix, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Concrete and Asphalt Cutting, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Major Construction, Port of Seattle WA 08/13/20
Diesel Fuel & Unleaded Gasoline, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Flap Gates, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Limestone, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Wastewater Collection Supplies, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Spraying of undesirable weeds, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Spraying and fertilization Parish Wide – Parks and Fields, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Repair and/or Maintenance of Sidewalks & Driveways, Aprons & Street Panels, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Military Grade Sandbags, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Sulfur Dioxide, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Liquid Chlorine, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Bituminous Mix, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Bituminous Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Batture Dirt - Delivery & Fob, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Anhydrous Ammonia, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Accessibility Design, Everett WA 08/13/20
Spraying of undesirable weeds - Willowdale Canal and Retention Pond, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Spraying and fertilization of Ponds at Cypress Lakes Country Club , Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Submersible Hydromatic Pumps, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Fluorosilicic Acid, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Geotextile Tubes, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Sewer Sludge Hauling, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Janitorial and Restoration Services, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Aeration Blowers - Destrehan, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Aeration Blower, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Radio-Based Automated Meter Reading System Meters, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Radio-Based Automated Meter Reading System Registers, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Purifil Odor Control Media, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Pump Station Inspection & Maintenance, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Tsurumi Pumps, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Repair and/or Maintenace of Sidewalks & Driveways, Aprons & Street Panels, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Schreiber Flex Membrane Air Diffuser, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Newly Constructed Concession Stands, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
(New) XZ085 Steel Sheet Piling, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Lake Chelan State Park – Dock Replacement 08/13/20
Diesel and Gasoline Fuel, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Maintenance Dredging Services, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves and Lamp Drivers, Hahnville WA 08/13/20
Catch Basin Installation, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Christmas Tree Removal, Hahnville WA 08/13/20
Rental of a vacuum truck, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
Newly Constructed Restrooms, Hahnville LA 08/13/20
2020-122 Lodging Tax for 2021, Kitsap County WA 08/14/20
Acoustical Design, Everett WA 08/14/20
Building Envelopment Design, Everett WA 08/14/20
​​​​​​​Professional Architectural, Engineering Services & Personal Service Consultants On Call Roster 08/14/20
Terminal Security Enhancements (TSE) Phase II: Bollards, ADA Ramps and Sidewalks 08/17/20
Periodic Update of Kitsap County’s Shoreline Master Program 08/17/20
Silver Lake Park Maple Creek Campground Dry Fire Hydrant Project 08/18/20
Peer Review of the Numerical Groundwater Model for the Lynden-Everson-Nooksack-Sumas Area of Whatcom County 08/18/20
Leeward Way Drainage Improvements, Whatcom County WA 08/18/20
HCA: Medication Lock Boxes 08/18/20
Kirkland Fire Station #24 08/18/20
Elementary School Addition, Nooksack WA 08/18/20
Pierce Transit Building 4 / Fuel & Wash Civil Project 08/18/20
Real Estate Legal Services, Lakewood WA 08/18/20
Terminal Security Enhancements Phase II: Bollards and ADA, Port of Seattle WA 08/18/20
Well No. 7 Redevelopment - New Well Pump Installation, Selah WA 08/18/20
Walla Walla Public Schools – Pioneer Middle School Additions & Modernizations 08/18/20
White Goods Collection, Transportation, Recycling and Disposal Services 08/18/20
2021 Continuation Grant Request for Proposals, Kitsap County WA 08/19/20
Culturally Grounded Public Health Messaging and Community Engagement, Tacoma WA 08/19/20
BID PACKAGE BP-12.1 - Fixed Audience Seating, Kenmore WA 08/19/20
Bremerton School District Security Improvements 08/20/20
Vehicle Disinfecting Services, Snohomish County WA 08/20/20
2021 New Grant for Court Programs, Kitsap County WA 08/20/20
Cedar Signposts, Kitsap County WA 08/21/20
IT Consulting Services, Everett WA 08/24/20
Pierce Transit Building 4 / Fuel & Wash Civil project, Lakewood WA 08/24/20
Building 4 Parking and Fuel & Wash Civil, Lakewood WA 08/24/20
Cost Allocation Plan, Olympia WA 08/25/20
Intercity Transit – Pattison MOA Expansion Project 2018-230 08/25/20
Pierce College Cascade Building Phase 3, Lakewood WA 08/25/20
Commerce Tunnel Refurbishment, Lakewood WA 08/25/20
Kennydale Reservoir Schedule C – Offsite Improvements 08/25/20
Banking Services, Vancouver WA 08/26/20
Railroad Bridge and Rail Engineering Services, Vancouver WA 08/26/20
Eells Springs Hatchery Redevelopment Distribution Box and Office/Storage Building, Shelton WA 08/26/20
Design Services for Intersection Improvements, Clark County WA 08/26/20
2020 Asphalt Paving, Longview WA 08/31/20
Downtown Core Streetscape Phase 1, Renton WA 08/31/20
Corrections Communications System, Whatcom County WA 09/01/20
Bridge Replacement, Franklin County WA 09/02/20
Covington Connector - 204th AVE SE and SR 516, Covington WA 09/02/20
Pier and Vessel Maintenance Facility 09/02/20
2020-126 RFB 2020 Polymer 09/02/20
Legal Services for Aging and Long-Term Care, Kitsap County WA 09/03/20
Wallula Dodd Water System, Walla Walla WA 09/03/20
Port of Seattle Business Opportunities 09/04/20
Whatcom County Comprehensive Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Plan 09/08/20
Custodial Services for Facilities Management, Clark County WA 09/16/20
Foster Parent Application Portal, Olympia WA 09/25/20
Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund for Homeless Programs 09/30/20
Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for COVID-19 Emergency Response Program, Pierce County WA 09/30/20
Request for Qualifications from Architects, Engineers, and Professional Consultants, Everett WA 12/31/20
Architect/Engineer Reference File, Seattle WA 12/31/20
Architectural, Engineering and Architectural Landscaping And Consulting Services, Concrete WA 12/31/20
Vendor Lists, Clark County WA 12/31/20
2020 MRSC ROSTERS 12/31/20
Specialized Medical Research Facilities Roster, Seattle WA 12/31/20
UW 2020 Small Works Roster, Seattle WA 12/31/20
2020 MRSC ROSTERS 12/31/20
A&E Roster for Architectural, Engineering and Surveyor Firms, Tacoma WA 12/31/20
2020 Small Works Roster, Tacoma WA 12/31/20
2020 Partnering Roster, Seattle WA 12/31/20
Subcontracting Opportunities in King County 12/31/20
Vender Lists for Supplying Materials, Clark County WA 12/31/20
Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering and Architects Rosters, Clark County WA 12/31/20
Professional Services Needed, Snohomish County 01/31/21
JOB ORDER CONTRACT – Subcontracting Opportunities in Vancouver, WA 10/31/21