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Documents Needed Fact Sheet

What kind of documents will I need to submit to apply for OMWBE certification?

The backup documents you will need to submit vary according to the type of business and ownership structure. The online application will walk you through what documents to upload in our secure system. To get you started, here are some of our required documents:

Commonly required documents

To verify a business is small

  • Copy of filed and signed business federal tax returns (last three years if you’ve been in business that long, current IRS extension, if applicable). Please include all pages, statements and schedules.
  • If your business was started less than a year ago, a Profit and Loss Statement.

To verify owner(s) are eligible for certification

  • Personal net worth statement (form is online in the application system).
  • Last three years of filed and signed personal federal tax returns (current extension, if applicable). Please include all pages, statements and schedules.

To verify ownership, control and independence

  • Business structure documents, such as a Partnership Agreement, LLC Agreement or Articles of Incorporation.
  • Current resumes for all eligible owner(s) and key personnel.
  • Documents to show your initial investment in the business, such as bank statements, loan agreements, or purchase and sale agreements.
  • Copy of signed rent or lease agreements for business, if applicable.
  • List of equipment owned, rented or leased in order to run your business.
  • If an established business, you will be asked for copies of contracts, bids and/or invoices to us assign the right NAICS codes.

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