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Marketing 101 (PTAC)

Marketing 101 - Government Contracting, Marketing/Sales


Hosted By:
The Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) &
StartUp fueled by GSI and Aim & Build Consulting & Development (ABCD)

Grab your lunch and come join us to learn:

  • Clearly define what your product is and what you are selling.
  •  How to capture your products and/or services to convert.
  • Reaching your clients exactly where they are and knowing your avatar.
  • Your digital front door - how to master your social media presence from day one.
  • Working with marketing partners - why local influencers and micro influencers are a great resource.

Guest Speakers:

Erin Peterson 
Erin is a certified professional technology educator, content crafter, digital strategist, & social media guru for rad brands that have something important to say. As an avid storyteller, she represents big-hearted small businesses who know that there is a big payoff from a personal touch. Original, on-brand and
on-trend copy and photography can make a powerful difference in your marketing strategy. Erin will show you how we can magnify your brand’s voice! From providing help with social media strategy, consultation, organizing social media previews and innovative marketing ideas, she helps clients ensure that they have a megaphone in the ever-growing online arena.

Alex Barrouk
As the founder of ABCD consulting, and a growth strategy consultant, Alex’s role is to serve as your company’s primary care provider: he diagnoses organizations, and helps them find the path to healthier dynamics and growth-oriented models. He sees people, systems, and organizations for their potential rather than focusing on where they are currently stuck. His vision for ABCD is to gather subject matter experts with extraordinary skills that will serve leaders and change the game of any organization. Alex was recently invited to join the Coaching Bureau at Gonzaga’s University’s Leadership Studies department.




Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Aleesha Roedel
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