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Steps to a Successful Government Cost Proposal - Seattle

Faciliated by ProAcct LLC

This workshop provides disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) and small
businesses a hands on approach to working through how to segregate your
accounts in your accounting system to create indirect rates and accurate cost
proposals. Bring your laptops with your accounting system installed (QuickBooks,
etc.) or a spreadsheet of your chart of accounts (don’t worry we’ll help you prepare).

We teach you how to do several essential steps to earning the money you deserve.
This starts with a simple process of numbering accounts and grouping similar
costs together. We will use QuickBooks as the accounting system. The process is
applicable to any accounting system.

The training includes the following areas:

  • Using the ‘pooled’ accounts to determine indirect rates
  • Providing a Government Audit worksheet to show your pool costs and accounts
  • How all of the above tasks go into creating a compliant cost proposal
  • Grouping similar costs
  • How to create numbered accounts
  • Pooling costs to create cost ‘pools’
  • Understanding causal/beneficial relationships

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Sound Transit
401 S. Jackson St
Seattle WA 98104

Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
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Jennifer Hoback
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