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Teaming Concepts and Strategies

This workshop provides the information and tools needed to understand teaming concepts and strategies. 

Be ready to learn:

  • How to get started with teaming
  • Why Primes team with small businesses
  • Common approaches and challenges 
  • How to position your company for teaming

Be prepared for an intense dive into teaming strategies.

You will gain a deeper understanding of what is needed to make your business an effective competitor in the government marketplace. 

Acquire several tools to assist you with marketing, positioning and advancing your teaming approach.  

This is a great opportunity for established businesses to learn how to get ready for the growing government procurement market.

Instructor Matthew Rhinehart, owner of MastPoint has over 20 years of experience with the federal government market.  Matthew is ready to share his knowledge of Teaming Concepts and Strategies with YOU!!!

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Friday, August 19, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
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