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Lisa van der Lugt Testifies on SB 5032

OMWBE’s Director, Lisa van der Lugt, testified on SB 5032 today, a bill that reauthorizes the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB) and extends the use of alternative public works for another 10 years. The bill also includes new representation, participation, and specific provisions designed to increase equity and inclusion of minority and women owned businesses in government contracting and procurement. Lisa’s leadership, along with many members of the minority and women owned business community, was instrumental to getting these important provisions for equity into the bill.

A whopping 67 people signed in supporting the bill, with no one opposed; a testament to the great work that went into preparing the bill for the Legislature. There is a long way to go to get through the legislative process, but this bill is on a great path to a fast passage thanks to all the hard work of CPARB, bipartisan support from Senators Hasegawa and Warnick, and the support of many others.

Click here to view the bill itself: SB 5032 - 2021-22