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11121 Electrical Supplies

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (Enterprise Services) intends to conduct a competitive procurement to award to establish and award Contracts for Washington state agencies and other eligible purchasers to purchase common electrical supplies – e.g., wire, conduit, breakers, switches, and electrical trim items, including LED lighting fixtures, controls, and smart controls.

There will be a Prebid conference Wednesday, November 9 via Microsoft Teams at 10:00 am.

Through the Contracts established by this solicitation, over six hundred Washington state agencies, cities, towns, counties, colleges, schools, airports, and other eligible purchasers may purchase basic electrical supplies to keep their facilities heated, lighted, and running properly.

Enterprise Services encourages the use of Washington Small Businesses and/or Certified Veteran-Owned Businesses for any contracting opportunities. Accordingly, to facilitate state agency purchases of goods and services from Washington Small Businesses and Certified Veteran-Owned Businesses, Enterprise Services intends to award Contracts, from this Competitive Solicitation, in the following order:

1. One award in each Geographic Region, for each Contract Category to the highest scored, responsive, responsible bidder, then,

2. One award in each Geographic Region, for each Contract Category to the highest scored, otherwise not awarded, responsive, responsible Washington Small Business or Certified Veteran-Owned Business.

To take part in this bid opportunity your business must be registered in Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS). You can find more information about WEBS . Once registered in WEBS, your company will receive Solicitation notifications based on the commodity codes you select for the email registered WEBS here. Questions on registering for WEBS may be directed to or (360) 902-7400, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  Please ensure that you have checked the option to receive bid notifications within WEBS.


Be sure to register with any of these commodity codes in WEBS:

285-03, 285-01, 285-06, 280-16, 285-05, 280-24, 285-07, 285-09, 285-10, 285-11, 285-14, 285-15, 280-29, 285-21, 285-24, 285-18, 285-17, 285-20, 285-19, 285-22, 285-23, 285-26, 280-30, 285-27, 450-25, 285-25, 285-28, 967-37, 285-34, 285-35, 285-49, 285-45, 285-46, 285-47, 285-50, 285-64, 285-70, 285-71, 285-74, 285-67, 285-77, 280-65, 285-79, 280-70, 285-82, 285-85, 285-86, 285-87, 280-90, 285-93, 285-95.



Closing Date: 
Monday, December 12, 2022
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services
Point of Contact: 
Marilyn R. First,