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2018 - 236 RFP Account Based Fare Collection, Bellingham WA

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2. D Scope of Work
The successful Proposer will host, operate, and support an account‐based electronic fare collection system (“System”):

  • The System will include, but is not limited to:
    • Transaction processing and passenger account management
    • Database of record function
    • Online tools to support customer service
    • Comprehensive transaction reporting
  • Support Agency fare policy:
    • Utilize existing WTA fare policy for revenue service
    • Enable changes to the fare policy including, but not limited to,
      • fare and fare product prices
      • introduction of new passes
      • discounted and limited time products
  • Integrate the System with Agency’s existing CAD/AVL system to enable:
    • Single sign on for bus operators
    • Automated capture of current route and trip information
    • Appending of route and trip information to fare payment transaction records
  • Provide a website for passengers and third‐party outlets that offers:
    • Account registration
    • Viewing of account balance, status of previously purchased passes and transaction history
    • Establish and maintain auto‐reload services
    • Purchase fare products (transit stored value and passes)
    • Purchase new and replacement cards
    • Enables Agency to act as the Merchant of Record for electronic payments for online purchases of fare products processed by a merchant acquirer
    • Supports account authentication so users are not creating separate accounts for each WTA product (i.e. CAD/AVL RTPI portal and Fare portal)
  • Supports existing Agency fare product distribution network including:
    • Agency‐operated ticket windows
    • Third‐party operated locations (e.g. local employers, community service organizations, retailers)
    • Website
    • Mobile Application
  • Enable passengers to use various forms of fare media to initiate fare payments at Validators including, but not limited to contactless smart cards and passenger owned mobile devices
  • Provide Validators including:
    • All instructions, materials, and tools required to install the Validators on Agency vehicles
    • Specifications for the cellular modem, antenna, cabling and other accessories required to provide communications to the Validator
    • Real‐time monitoring
    • Non‐mobile reader/validators for terminal or other stationary location to allow rider to view remaining account balance on smart card.
      • Maintenance and repair for the duration of the Service Agreement
  • Provide fare media for passenger use including:
    • Contactless smart cards that are compliant with the ISO/IEC 14443 international standard and are used as tokens of an associated passenger account; printed and encoded
    • Limited use tickets configurable as any type of trip‐based pass
  • Provide a mobile application that:
    • Is enabled for use on not less than 90% of smart phones and other mobile devices in North America using the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems
    • May be downloaded by passengers from the Apple App Store and Google’s Android Play store
    • Enables passengers to:
      • Pay fare using their cell phone
      • Create and manage transit accounts
      • Activate and change auto‐reload services
      • View transaction history
      • Purchase fare products
      • Activate automatic fare product reload
  • Provide for processing of online bankcard payments using a solution that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
    • Deposit all bankcard payments received through online channels into an Agency account
  • Support various fare policies, products and transfer rights with configurable features including, but not limited to:
    • Flat fare with payments using stored value
    • Prepaid passes
      • Time‐based passes valid for a specific number of minutes, hours or days from time of first use or from time of purchase/issuance
      • Calendar‐based passes valid from any date and time to another date and time
      • Trip‐based passes valid for any number of trips with or without transfer rights
    • Stored value fares assessed based on:
      • Fare type (e.g. Adult, Senior, Student)
      • Route type
      • Capping at predetermined limits of amounts paid during a single calendar day, week, or month (“Fare Capping”)
  • Provide web‐based tools for use by agency staff to perform passenger account management and customer service that include:
    • Viewing of account details and transaction history
    • Changing account status
    • Replacing lost/stolen cards
    • Assignment and changing of the fare type for any passenger account
    • Sale of fare products
    • Viewing, printing and downloading of a comprehensive set of standardized reports
  • Support Agency pre‐launch planning and implementation of the Service by providing:
    • Training and training materials for Agency instructors of operators and customer service staff
    • Up‐to‐date User manuals
    • Implementation planning guides and/or checklists
    • Validator maintenance instructions
    • Pre‐launch set‐up services for
      • Implementation planning and scheduling
      • Fare policy configuration
      • Fare product definitions
  • Project Management, installation, testing, configuration and go live support
  • Provide ongoing software and hardware upgrades and updates, licensing, maintenance, and technical support after system acceptance.
  • Describe other, optional equipment, functionality and/or features that Bidder may provide.
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, July 18, 2018