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Archeological Construction Monitoring

Please see the full bid posting on WEBS for the the RFP document and how to submit a proposal. Search the Military Department or RFP23-021.

The Contractor is to provide archeological monitor for Washington Military Department/Washington Army National Guard (WMD/WAARNG) projects involving ground disturbing activities, as required by the DAHP or upon WMD judgement that such monitoring is needed. The sites have not been determined as it is an as needed service, but the locations will be across the state of Washington. This contract is intended to provide WMD/WAARNG with an archeologist on standby that can respond to archeological monitoring needs on various individual projects. The specific needs and costs for each project will be agreed upon by WMD and the Contractor based on project details and using the unit costs the Contractor provides in their RFP proposal. Bidders must be clearly state and demonstrate in the proposal that staff working under this contract adhere to the Secretary of the Interior Professional Qualifications Standards. Your proposal will not be evaluated if this is not in the proposal.

The contractor must provide in their proposal unit costs per region the contractor is able to provide service (see the below region map) to complete the below listed tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Per diem
  • Costs per hour for
    • Field Monitoring
    • Report preparation
    • Pre-field research and monitoring plan preparation

Construction archeological monitoring tasks will vary depending on the needs and nature of each project, and could include:

  • Coordination with WMD, CFMO Staff, and construction contractors for site locations and work hours (Typically between 0600 - 1700, but can change due to construction crew or facility scheduling).
  • Creation of a focused monitoring plan for activities when deemed necessary for a project using best available information, agreed upon by WMD and the Contractor.
  • Provide on-call service for when an archeological monitor is not able to be physically present during construction activities deemed lower risk, as agreed upon prior to ground disturbing activities by WMD and the Contractor.
  • Scrutinizing ground-disturbing construction activities as they occur.
  • Ensure that those ground disturbing activities do not encroach on archaeological remains.
  • Verify that ground disturbing activities do not unearth previously unidentified cultural remains.
  • Ensures that known sites are not impacted by project activities.
  • Ensure that the inadvertent discoveries plan (IDP) is implemented as necessary. The WMD will provide an IDP with updated contacts for each project location.
  • Provide Daily Reports when monitoring construction or if activated when on-call.
  • Final Project Report
    • Project locations include:
      • GIS locations for the site, monitoring locations, and inadvertent discoveries.
    • Project description
    • Background information
      • Previous Archaeology (if applicable)
    • Focused monitoring plan (if necessary for project)
    • Expectations
    • Monitoring narrative w/ supporting photo documentation.
    • Summary and Recommendations
    • Sited References


If any necessary tasks fall outside the task list above, WMD and the Contractor will agree upon appropriate tasks to complete the work and the associated costs. This will only apply so long as those tasks are within the scope of this RFP and contract to ensure appropriate archeological monitoring of a ground disturbing project, amending the contract as WMD and the Contractor deems necessary.

Important Notes:

  • The WMD may contract award multiple contractors to provide archeological construction monitoring due to needing statewide services.
  • Please specify which region(s) you can service based off the map included in the RFP document on WEBS. 
Closing Date: 
Monday, March 6, 2023
Military Department
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