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Backflow, Sprinklers, Fire Alarm Testing & Certification, Seattle WA


190 Queen Anne Ave N

PO Box 19028

Seattle, WA98109-1028



   Date:  07/31/2019

   To:  Potential Bidders for SHA Solicitation #5219 Backflow, Sprinklers, Fire Alarm Testing & Certification

The work described below is subject to the conditions described on Attachment A, version 1       version 2       

SHA Reference No.:


(Federal Prevailing Wages)

Federal Wage Decision No.:



(State Prevailing Wages)

Date of State Prevailing Wage Schedule:


Number of Calendar Days to Complete Work:    1 year contract with option to renew yearly 2 additional 1 year terms.

For Questions Contact:

   Alan Hoffer

Phone No.:    (206) 615-3381

FAX No.:       (206) 615-3410


Project Description / Scope of Work:      See Scope of Work attached.         See Scope of Work below.


PRE-BID SITE VISIT:   No pre-bid site visit.


DEADLINE FOR  QUESTIONS is Friday, 8/09/2019 no later than 4:00 PM Email your questions to:

BID DUE DATE AND TIME: Friday, 08/16/2019 by 4:00 PM.  The bidder is responsible for ensuring that its Bid is received prior to the deadline.  Bids received after the deadline will not be considered.  EMAIL YOUR BID TO: (206) 615-3410 or deliver to Seattle Housing Authority 190 Queen Anne Ave., N. 5th floor reception, Seattle, WA 98109.


BIDDER MUST COMPLETE THE INFORMATION BELOW.  In addition, if bidder has never done business with SHA, it must submit a vendor fact sheet with its bid form.  Bidder must also submit the required Section 3 forms with its bid form.

  If checked, Bidder must complete the attached Detailed Bid Price Form and provide the total bid price below.

Basic Bid Price (without Sales Tax)


Sales Tax on Materials and Labor
(see Attachment A)


Total Bid Price (with Sales Tax)


Bidder’s Business Name:


Telephone No.:


E-Mail Address:




City, State, Zip Code:

Business Classification:

  WBE       MBE       MWBE       Section 3

Contractor Registration No.:



Printed Name and Title of Person Signing Bid:

By signing above, the Bidder acknowledges receipt of Attachment A and any addenda issued for this project, and proposes to furnish all material and labor and to perform all work described herein for the Bid Price noted above.  The Bidder also certifies the following: to have personally and carefully evaluated the Project Description / Scope of Work and Attachment A, and to have a clear understanding of the same, including the requirement to pay prevailing wages.

SHADED AREA FOR USE BY SHA ONLY:   Use this form only for projects estimated to cost less than $150,000

Required Number of Bids to Solicit for Federally Funded  projects:

            Less than $2,000:        1 bid

            $2,001-$150,000:         3 bids

Required Number of Bids to Solicit for Non-Federally Funded projects:

            Less than $10,000:       1 bid

            $10,001-$150,000:       5 bids

See Purchasing policies for solicitation of projects $150,000 and above.



You can also see via: PDF




Closing Date: 
Friday, August 16, 2019