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Bus Shelters ITB 2021-256

Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) provides fixed route, paratransit, and vanpool service throughout Whatcom County. WTA is a municipal corporation formed in 1983. Find additional information about WTA at

WTA is currently seeking a vendor to provide finished bus shelters that are constructed pursuant to WTA’s specifications outlined in Invitation to Bid (ITB) 2021-256. The ITB is found

Prime contractors interested in bidding must:Questions must be through WTA’s online platform.

  1. Be registered within the online platform
  2. Indicate within the platform they are interested in bidding
  3. Meet the minimum qualifications outlined in Part 3.A of the ITB  at the time of bid

Instructions for using WTA’s online contracting platform can be found /

Bid submission will be done electronically with a public bid opening conducted via Microsoft Teams.

To be considered, all requests for questions, clarifications, changes or substitutes to materials, methods, or contract terms must be submitted to WTA’s online portal prior to the date noted in Part 3.A Bid Schedule. WTA does not guarantee that a response will be provided, or the completeness of any answer to questions that are not submitted using the procurement portal or submitted after the date provided in the Bid Schedule.

Bidders will be required to adhere to the terms and conditions of this solicitation. The Invitation to Bid, and all of the terms are incorporated as terms and conditions of the final contact.  WTA will not make any concessions for Bidders who are not completely familiar with the scope or contract requirements.

Equal Opportunity:  Small, minority and women-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), as defined in 49 CFR Part 26, are encouraged to submit proposals in response to this solicitation.  WTA ensures non-discrimination in the award and administration of all contracts, creates a level playing field where DBE’s can compete fairly, and remove barriers to the participation of DBE’s in our contracts

Closing Date: 
Thursday, December 16, 2021
Whatcom Transportation Authority
Point of Contact: