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Campbell Hill Elementary School Safety Upgrades

Ohno Construction invites your firm to submit a bid for the following project:

Campbell Hill Elementary School Safety Upgrades

Renton School District No. 403


The Work includes, but is not limited to: Improve safety and security of the campus by adjusting/repairing asphalt paving, add safety bollards and perimeter fencing, upgrade playfields and walk path, renovate entry vestibule and administration office, and add enclosed storage room under egress stairs.

Location: 6418 S. 124th Street, Seattle, WA 98178

Architect/Engineer’s Estimate: $1,700,000

Project Schedule:

Anticipated Notice of Award

On/about February 22, 2023

Commence Work On-Site


Building/Parking Lot Scope


Substantial Completion Fields Scope









This project is subject to Prevailing Wages.

Please refer to Renton School District’s website for all current COVID-19 Guidelines.

BID DUE DATE & TIME: Tuesday, February 14th @ end of business day

If interested, please reach out to us via email ( or call (Tel 206-325-1529), we will provide you information and link on how to access bid documents.

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Ohno Construction
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