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City of Deer Park Aeration Lagoon Replacement

The project generally consists of construction of a 7.6-million-gallon primary wastewater aeration treatment lagoon with double HDPE liner system, underdrain and leak collection piping, and a new effluent lift station with emergency backup power supply.  The biosolids in the existing lagoon will be removed and disposed.  Equipment in the existing wastewater treatment lagoon will be removed or salvaged after the new lagoon is in operation.  A new pre-engineered storage building will be constructed on site.  This project also includes site clearing and grubbing, gravity sewer improvements, site grading, stormwater improvements, electrical and control improvements for the new primary aeration lagoon system, and other items of work.

Point of Contact: Layne Merritt  509-458-3727

Copies of the Contract Documents for bidding and informational purposes may be obtained at Should you need assistance with this process, contact J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. at (509) 458-3727.

A pre-bid meeting will be held at 2:00 P.M. on August 18, 2022 at the Deer Park City Hall, 316 E. Crawford, Deer Park WA 99006.
All contractors must be licensed to conduct business in Washington State.

Sealed bid proposals must be delivered to the City of Deer Park (316 E. Crawford Avenue, Deer Park WA 99006) by 2:00 P.M. on the date specified for opening, and in an envelope clearly marked “SEALED BID FOR CITY OF DEER PARK AERATION LAGOON REPLACEMENT”. In person acceptance of delivered bids will be available during posted City Hall hours.

All bid proposals shall be accompanied by a bid proposal deposit in the form of a certified check, cashiers check, or surety bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of such bid proposal. Only properly executed proposals submitted on the forms furnished by the City of Deer Park will be accepted. All bidders are required to submit a list of subcontractors that will perform work on the project amounting to ten percent (10%) or more of the contract amount.

Rejection of Bids: The City of Deer Park shall have the right to reject any or all bids not accompanied by bid security or data required to by the bidding document or a bid in any way incomplete or irregular. The City of Deer Park shall have the right to reject all bids and not award the Work to any bidder.

The City of Deer Park is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (Small, Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses) are encouraged to submit bids. All work performed on the project will be subject to the higher of the prevailing state or federal wage rates.

It is anticipated that this project will be funded in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Neither the State of Washington nor any of its departments or employees are, or shall be, a party to this Contract or any subcontract.
Award of the construction contract is contingent upon approval by the funding agency.

Closing Date: 
Monday, August 29, 2022
J-U-B Engineers, Inc
Point of Contact: 
Layne Merritt