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City of New Meadows Water System Improvements Project

The Project includes two phases of work identified as “Package A” and “Package B” in the Drawings. 

Package A includes installation of a submersible turbine pump, motor, and pitless unit at the City’s Well No. 5, construction of a well house and related mechanical, electrical, and control equipment, site work and grading, and extension of a gravel access road to the well site. 

Package B includes demolition and removal of the City’s existing booster station and welded steel storage reservoir, construction of a new booster station and bolted steel tank storage reservoir, and installation of related piping, mechanical, electrical, and control equipment.

Please verify your intent to provide a quotation to and respond by July 13, 2022 with your proposals. 

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
S & L Underground, Inc.
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