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RE: REQUEST FOR QUOTE FOR Communication Training for Non-Represented Employees

Pierce Transit is seeking Quotes from businesses and or Facilitators that specialize in group communications training to conduct a series of workshops to foster better communication skills among employees.

The responsibilities are:

Recommend purchase of or provide as part of the service a booklet and or visual aids for each employee that helps build and reinforce communication skills

Conduct workshops in an agreed upon timeframe for 150 plus employees, using the same curriculum and format for each workshop

This curriculum must include a standard of professional communication amongst co-workers and the training must include a model that employees can follow to achieve professional communication.

Provide or recommend the purchase or reinforcement trainings and or tools.

The selected firm shall have at a minimum the following qualifications:

Written materials showcasing the workshop outline

Credentials, experience and certificates that support the facilitators ability to lead such workshops

Have conducted workshops of this nature for other government or non-profit businesses.

If your firm is interested in submitting a Quote for this work that must be completed by 12/15//2017 please, provide the following by 10/18/2017

Name of proposed personnel to be assigned to this project.

Confirmation of minimal qualifications listed above.

Brief description of Proposer’s approach to effectively complete the expected services.

Total cost of Services.

Timeframe required to provide

An hourly fee schedule for time that may be spent for other services outside the scope of the work.

Please submit your Quote 5pm p.m. on 10/18/2017 to my attention at Pierce Transit, PO Box 99070, Lakewood, WA 98496-0070. A response by e-mail ( will be acceptable.


J Michelle Swope, Lean and Workforce Development Coordinator

Pierce Transit

253 581-8103

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017