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Competitive Solicitation RFQQ121 Print Services

Find the full solicitation on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS). Vendors not registered in WEBS will not receive updates or amendments to the solicitation, which could disadvantage your bid.
Contract location: Washington’s Lottery

Contract description: The Washington’s Lottery is conducting a competitive procurement to award a contract for Lottery purchasers to acquire print services. Through this contract established by this solicitation, Lottery purchasers may obtain printed advertising and point-of-sale materials for placement at retail locations.

Commodity codes: 050-10 - Block Printing Supplies; 545-60 - Presses, Wastepaper or Other Material (Not Automotive or Printing); 645-64 - Offset Paper (Including Recycled); 646-64 - Offset Paper (Including Recycled), Environmentally Certified Products; 700-07 - Bar Code Printing and Sorting Systems; 915-48 - Graphic Arts Services (Not Printing); 926-25 - Carbon Offsets; 936-60 - Printing Plant and Bindery Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Graphic Arts Equipment); 962-33 - Engraving Services; Awards, Trophies, Etc. (See 966-28 for Printing Type); 965-10 - Alterations, Printing; 965-15 - Artwork, Camera Ready; 965-30 - Desk Top Publishing Services; 965-39 - Etchings, Copper; 965-42 - Etchings, Zinc, Ben Day Type/ 965-43 - Etchings, Zinc or Magnesium Alloy; 965-46 - Graphic Design Services for Printing; 965-51 - Mat Preparation, Stereotype; 965-54 - Negative and Plate Preparation for Offset Printing; 965-57 - Plate Preparation, Color Process; 965-58 - Plate Preparation, Color, Flat Zinc, Magnesium Alloy, or Plastic; 965-60 - Plate Preparation, Copper, Halftone; 965-62 - Plate Preparation, Zinc or Magnesium Alloy, Combination and Halftone and Line; 965-64 - Plate Preparation, Zinc, Halftone; 965-70 - Pre-Press: Color Separations, Composite Film, Stripping, Chromolin or Match-Print Proof, etc.; 966-03 - Bar Code Printing

Preference/priority points:
• Washington small businesses 3%
• Veteran-owned businesses 3%
• Executive Order 18-03 1%

Solicitation documents: Solicitation documents, contacts and bid instructions are available in WEBS:

Question-and-answer period: May 23, 2022 – June 16, 2022. Submit questions or concerns about this solicitation in writing to the Procurement Coordinator: Jenna Johnson at

Closing Date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2022
Washington's Lottery
Point of Contact: