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Disaster Recovery Services for Print and Mail


The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (Enterprise Services) is conducting a competitive procurement to award a Contract to acquire Disaster Recovery Services for Print and Mail Services. Certain of the Print and Mail Services job requests are highly time sensitive, a disaster (e.g., natural disaster, local pandemic, etc.) or disruption (fire, condemnation, etc. that closes facilities or disrupts the use of equipment) (collectively, disaster) that interfered or had the potential to interfere with Enterprise Services’ ability to timely perform such job requests, would adversely impact Enterprise Services, its’ customers, and their communications to their clients and stakeholders. Accordingly, as part of its risk management strategy, Enterprise Services desires to contract with an entity that possesses the requisite operational resources, capability, and experience to collaborate with Enterprise Services and provide disaster recovery services, if requested by Enterprise Services, to perform Print and Mail Services for certain specified job requests.

Through this Competitive Solicitation, Enterprise Services is soliciting bids to contract to provide specified disaster recovery services for identified Print and Mail Services job requests, that Enterprise Services will be able to utilize, pursuant to agreed terms and conditions, in the event a disaster prevents or disrupts Enterprise Services’ ability to perform such Print and Mail Services in a timely manner.

Closing Date: 
Friday, October 28, 2022
Dept of Enterprise Services, Print and Mail Service
Point of Contact: 
Angie McLane