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Downtown Stormwater Treatment Project

The Downtown Stormwater Treatment Project includes the following work:

  • Demolition of existing site conditions.
  • Install temporary sedimentation and erosion control elements.
  • Temporary stormwater diversion.
  • Construct pilings and concrete platforms.
  • Construct wet well and valve vault and all appurtenances.
  • Construct stormwater treatment units, pre-treatment units, ductile iron piping, plastic piping, and other piping.
  • Excavation of existing site material including field screening, stockpiling, testing, haul, and disposal.
  • Construct stormwater treatment units including appurtenances.
  • Construct stormwater pump station and valve vault.
  • Construct treatment unit irrigation, controllers, and connected.
  • Install filtration media and plantings.
  • Construct prefabricated electrical shelter.
  • Construct electrical equipment, switchgear, motor control centers, panelboards, distribution transformers, uninterrupted power supplies, conduits, wiring, instrumentation, control systems, programmable logic controllers.
  • Coordinate with utilities.
  • Construct park amenities.
  • Other improvements and additions as shown in Contract documents.


MBE, WBE's and all DBE's are highly encouraged to submit quotes for the project.

Closing Date: 
Monday, February 7, 2022
Prospect Construction, Inc.
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