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Elmwood and Peachtree Place Rehabilitations

Sealed bids will be received by Housing Authority of Okanogan County for the Elmwood and
Peachtree Place Rehabilitations project in Okanogan and Brewster, Washington.

Bids are due on or before 2:00 PM PDT on Thursday June 30, 2022. Bids received after this
time will not be considered. Bids shall be delivered to:

Nancy Nash-Mendez
Executive Director
431 5th Ave W
Omak WA, 98841

Sealed bids may be delivered by certified US mail or courier. Telephonic, fax, or email bids will
not be accepted or opened. Bids will be opened and read publicly (aloud) by the Owner
immediately following the hour as set above; Prime bidders are welcome to attend the bid

A mandatory pre-bid meeting and walk through will be conducted at 2:00 PM PDT, Thursday,
June 23, 2022, beginning at the Elmwood site, located at 880 2nd Avenue South, Okanogan, then
moving to the Peachtree site in Brewster immediately after.

Each Bid shall be submitted in accordance with Project Bidding and Construction Document
requirements and shall be accompanied by a Bid Bond or Cashier’s Check made payable to
Housing Authority of Okanogan County, in the amount of not less than (5%) of the total amount
of the Base Bid and (any) Alternates. Performance and Payment Bond for 100% of the Contract
will be required as a condition of entering into a contract.

Limited renovation of identified units at the two project sites to include limited demolition, new
walls, doors, flooring, finishes, cabinet replacement and miscellaneous site improvements and
other Work indicated in the Contract Documents.

The work of this contract will be awarded as a single contract. The Contract Sum will be the total
of Contract A (Elmwood) and Contract B (Peachtree Place). General terms and conditions of
both Contracts, including completions dates, etc., will be identical, and work at the sites may be
pursued, in effect, as a single project, but the costs of the work under each Contract must be kept
strictly separate.

Wages on this project ARE subject to Washington State Prevailing Wage rates in affect at the time
of bid for Okanogan County. Verification of reach-out for apprenticeship participation will be

All contracts for this Project (including all subcontracts) exceeding $10,000 shall contain a
provision requiring compliance with Executive Order 11246, entitled, “Equal Employment
Opportunity” as amended by Executive Order 11375 as supplemented with Department of
Labor regulations (41CFR part 60).

Bidding Documents as prepared by Forte Architects, Inc., including Instructions to Bidders, Form
of Agreement, General Requirements, Drawings and Specifications entitled, Elmwood and
Peachtree Place Rehabilitation, dated June 1, 2022 are available at, and Bidders may down load digital files at no cost upon
registering there. For any questions regarding the plan room, please contact Auron K. at 509-
747-2964. Bidders may purchase printed documents, at bidder’s expense, by selecting the
“Order” option, or at various construction councils and builder association plan centers, a list of
which is available from the office of the Architect, FORTE ARCHITECTS, INC, 240 North
Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, (509) 293 5566.

Bidders must be properly licensed under the laws governing their respective trades and be able
to obtain insurance and bonds required for the Work. A Performance Bond, separate Labor and
Material Payment Bond, and Insurance in a form acceptable to Owner will be required of the
successful Bidder.

In addition to bid price the successful low bidder will be evaluated by Owner according to the
following criteria:
1. Proper license under the laws governing their respective trade(s).
2. Capacity to provide adequate Performance Bond, Labor and Material
Payment Bond, and Insurance in a form acceptable to Owner.
3. Adequate financial resources, work-in-hand capacity, adequate organization,
and acceptable past performance.
4. Applicable experience of firm, including experience of Project and field
management staff to be assigned to the Work specific to similar projects.

The Owner intends (but is not bound) to award a contract to the lowest responsible bidder,
provided the bid has been submitted in accordance with the requirements stated herein and the
bidder is deemed qualified as stated above. The Owner has the right to waive any informality or
irregularity in any bid or bids received, and to accept the bid, which is in its sole judgment, is in
its own best interest. No bidder shall assume or consider itself under contract after the submittal
of bids until a bidder has been accepted by the Owner, and an agreement has been fully

By order of:
Board of Directors
Housing Authority of Okanogan County

Business Enterprises (MBE and WBE) are encouraged to participate.

The Housing Authority of Okanogan County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, political beliefs, disability, mental or familial
status, or any other legally protected status.

The Housing Authority of Okanogan County is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Closing Date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2022
Housing Authority of Okanogan County
Point of Contact: