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Estimating Costs for Riparian Restoration and Near-Term Salmon Recovery


DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING BIDS: October 15, 2021 4:00pm

Find the full solicitation on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS). Vendors not registered in WEBS will not receive updates or amendments to the solicitation, which could disadvantage your bid.

Contract location: Statewide

Contract description: The Recreation and conservation Office is conducting a competitive procurement to award one contract to provide a summary of costs to help inform salmon recovery spending in Washington State. This work will summarize the costs associated with riparian plantings and restoration on temperature and non-temperature impaired streams, and summarize costs associated with broader salmon recovery habitat restoration and protection efforts statewide on a four year time schedule. These estimates will be used by RCO to inform future funding requests.

Commodity codes:

926-23  Auditing Services, Environmental; 926-40 Ecological Services; 926-41 Ecosystems Development, Management and Protection Services; 926-42 Environmental Services (Not Otherwise Classified); 926-52 Impact Studies, Environmental; 926-70   Permitting Services, Environmental; 926-72 Planning and Advisory Services, Environmental; 926-83 Site Assessment, Environmental; 926-96 Wetland Delineations (Incl. Assessments); 918-04 Accounting/ Auditing/ Budget Consulting; 918-32 Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified) 918-43 Environmental Consulting; 918-49 Finance/Economics Consulting; 958-25    Conservation/Resource Management Services

Inclusion plan: None

Preference/priority points:

  1. Executive Order 18-03

Solicitation documents: Solicitation documents, contacts and bid instructions are available  in WEBS: or the agency web site: Employment and Contracts - RCO (

Question-and-answer period: Sept 15-October 4, 2021. Submit questions or concerns about this solicitation in writing to the Procurement Coordinator: Julia Marshburn,

Closing Date: 
Friday, October 15, 2021
The Recreation and Conservation Office
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