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Fairview avenue Bridge Replacement, Seattle WA



City of Seattle Project



                              Prime Contractor Proposer


33455 6th Avenue So., Federal Way, WA. 98003

Telephone: (253) 943-4200


Subcontractor/Supplier Prices Due:  December 10, 2018Final Proposal Due December 12, 2018


Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. requests quotes from Small and Disadvantaged business enterprises (UDBE’s) who are subcontractors, suppliers & service providers in bridge & heavy construction work scopes to support our prime contractor bid to the City of Seattle. Condition of Award UDBE Goal =  9%


Fairview Avenue Bridge North Replacement Project - Replaces (2) Existing Bridges with Single Bridge


Project includes: Floating Walkway rehabilitation, extension & relocation; Roadway grading & reconstruction; Sidewalk construction; Curb ramps, drainage facilities, waterline installation; Roadway lighting, signals, and conduit; Irrigation, Landscaping; Striping &signing


Subcontractor Work Scopes include but are not limited to:


  • Bridge Drainage                                                      -   Civil Work (Roadway Grading, etc.)
  • Concrete Pumping & Placement; Barriers              -   Curb Ramps
  • Demolition                                                              -   Environmental Protection
  • Electrical Work (Conduit, Temp Electrical)           -   Gravel Bedding, Rip Rap
  • Roadway Signalization & Lighting                         -   Irrigation, Landscaping
  • Sidewalk Construction                                           -   Paving, Pavement Marking, Striping
  • Survey Work                                                          -   Potholing, Utility Locates
  • Reinforcing Steel                                                    -   Steel Fabrication & Erection
  • Traffic Control, MOT, Signage                              -   Vibration & Settlement Monitoring
  • Trucking                                                                 -   Waterline Installation


Contract Documents, Plans & Specifications, and Bid Instructions are all available at:  Subcontractors will need to establish their own City of Seattle log-in account. (City of Seattle Solicitation Number 2016-029)


Questions about Small Business Opportunities? Email to: ; or (253) 943-4070



In order to assist certified small business subcontractors and suppliers, we will divide scopes of work into economically feasible units, and will assist firms with meeting delivery schedules, providing points of contact regarding bonding, lines of credit, and insurance; and giving information so that Small Business can secure their own sources of equipment in order to maximize Small & Disadvantaged Business participation. Kiewit requires Subcontractor Performance & Payment Bonds; Material Supply Bonds; and use of our standard contract forms


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Closing Date: 
Monday, December 10, 2018