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                                                NOTICE OF BID OPPORTUNITY


Competitive Solicitation 16722

Food Service Disposables




Find the full solicitation on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS). Vendors not registered in WEBS will not receive updates or amendments to the solicitation, which could disadvantage your bid.

Pre-bid conference: March 2, 2023, 1:00pm-2:00pm (Pacific Time)

Join via Teams: Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 221 404 868 727
Passcode: z6qv5f


Join by phone: +1 564-999-2000,,918670664# United States, Olympia

(833) 322-1218,,918670664# United States (Toll-free)

Phone Conference ID: 91870 664#

Contract location: Statewide

Contract description: The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (Enterprise Services) is conducting a competitive procurement to award Statewide Contracts to acquire Food Service Disposables.

Through the Statewide Contracts established by this solicitation, Washington state agencies and other eligible purchasers may obtain contracted products used to serve, hold, and consume food & beverages, such as paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery, napkins and take out containers.

Commodity codes:

165-46-Food Service Dinnerware

640-08-Bags, Food Storage, Including Freezer Type

641-08-Bags, Food Storage, Including Freezer Type, ECP

641-09-Bags, Glassine, ECP

640-18-Boxes and Retention Packaging (Not Otherwise Classified)

640-21-Compostable Food Service Products, Including Biodegradable

640-22-Containers, Paper and Plastic

641-22-Containers, Paper and Plastic, ECP

640-25-Corrugated Boxes and Sheets (Including Fillers)

640-26-Fiber Type Dishes, Trays, Parts Trays, etc. Disposable)

641-26-Fiber Type Dishes, Trays, etc. (Disposable), ECP

640-27-Foil Containers and Bags

641-27-Foil Containers and Bags, ECP

641-45-Paper, Food Processing (Fresh and Frozen): Butcher Paper, Butter Paper, Freezer Paper, Vegetable Paper, etc., ECP

641-50-Paper Products: Cups, Doilies, Napkins, Plates, Straws, Facial Tissues, ECP

640-60-Plastic and Styrofoam Products: Cups, Forks, Plastic Coated Dishes, Plastic Food Wrap, Cooking Bags, Sandwich Bags, Spoons, Straws, Doilies, etc.


640-66-Recycled Paper, Plastic, and Styrofoam Products (Disposable Type) (Incl. Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil and Cellophane)

640-75-Toilet Tissues, Paper Towels, and Toilet Seat Covers

640-80-Waxed Paper, Aluminum Foil and Cellophane

640-87-Wrapping Paper, Brown Kraft Paper, etc.

641-87-Wrapping Paper, Brown Kraft Paper, etc., ECP

645-68-Parchment Paper (Including Recycled)

646-68-Parchment Paper (Including Recycled), ECP




Inclusion plan: None

Preference/priority points:

  • Executive Order 18-03
  • PCB-Free Products & Products-In-Packaging
  • Compostable Approved Products
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Products

Solicitation documents: Solicitation documents, contacts and bid instructions are available in WEBS:

Question-and-answer period: February 16, 2023 – March 28, 2023. Submit questions or concerns about this solicitation in writing to the Procurement Coordinator:

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Department of Enterprise Services
Point of Contact: