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Housing And Social Services Provision For Oxford House Project

The City of Lacey (City), a municipal corporation, is accepting proposals from qualified organizations to provide operations, housing and social services for the Oxford House Project.

The City received $499,550 from the Washington State legislature in 2022 for purchase and/or rehabilitation of a residential facility (e.g., single family house, duplex, etc.) to provide for an Oxford House.  The residential facility is required to be long-term affordable housing.  This will be accomplished through a deed restriction.

The City of Lacey is committed to supporting affordable housing in the community and preventing homelessness through a multifaceted approach that includes collaborating with non-profits, community members, other municipalities, and state and federal entities.

The City welcomes proposals from organizations of all types and sizes.  Joint proposals from two or more organizations will also be considered.


Learn more here: CITY OF LACEY

Closing Date: 
Friday, March 3, 2023
City of Lacey
Point of Contact: 
Shannon Kelley-Fong