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I-5/Trosper Road/Capitol Boulevard Reconfiguration

Contractor shall perform all work and furnish all tools, materials, supplies, equipment, labor and other items incidental thereto necessary for the construction and completion of the work, more particularly described as the I-5/Trosper Road/Capitol Boulevard Reconfiguration project. The Project includes, without limitation, constructing three roundabouts (located at Capitol Boulevard/Trosper Road, Trosper Road/6th Avenue, and 6th Avenue/Interstate 5 NB on and off ramps), constructing 6th Avenue from Lee Street to Trosper Road, reconstruction of Interstate 5 northbound on and off ramps, rebuild of Trosper Road and Capitol Boulevard within the project limits, construction of the Trosper Road Extension, and rebuild of Linda Street. The project will include full roadway reconstruction, new roadway construction, pedestrian facilities, bicycle facilities, street lighting and pedestrian beacon installation, and landscaping and irrigation. Utility work will include stormwater, sanitary sewer, water, joint utility trench for private utilities, and power overhead conversion, and other work, all in accordance with the Contract Plans, Contract Provisions, and the Standard Specifications.

Point of Contact: Bill Lindauer, Engineering Services Manager with a cc to

Closing Date: 
Thursday, August 18, 2022
City of Tumwater
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