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Ice Age Park Project, Electric City WA







ISSUED BY: Russ Powers, City Administrator


TIME TO COMPLETE: The Contractor shall achieve: 1) Substantial Completion of the work within one hundred twenty (120) consecutive calendar days beginning on the commencement date specified in the Notice to Proceed; and 2) Completion of the entire work not later than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive calendar days beginning on the commencement date specified in the Notice to Proceed with the understanding that time is of the essence in the performance of this contract. Times are subject to adjustments as provided in the Contract Documents. The commencement date stated in a Notice to Proceed is generally within 60 working days after award.


BID OPENING DATE: December 11, 2019, 2:00 PM


PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Ice Age Park consists of general site clearing, grading and excavation for utilities. Improvements include concrete curbs walks, and an ADA concrete parking area. Specific improvements include a splash pad, play equipment installation, specialty concrete sculpture, picnic shelter, pre-manufactured restroom, irrigation, landscaping, and other work indicated in the Contract Documents. This project is funded through grant funds provided by the Recreation and Conservation Office of the state of Washington. Bidders shall provide all labor, equipment, and materials in compliance with grant funding and the project documents.


COPIES of the project manual and plans can be obtained by contacting Russ Powers, City Administrator, City Hall, City of Electric City, 10 Stevens Avenue, Electric City, WA 99123, phone (509) 633.1510 or email at


SUBMITTALS must be made on the bid response sheets contained in the project manual.


QUESTIONS Contact Jena Jauchius of SPVV Landscape Architects, phone (509) 325-0511


Closing Date: 
Wednesday, December 11, 2019