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Irradiated Steel Shipping Plan, Bellevue WA



RFP 2019-306

Irradiated Steel Shipping Plan


TerraPower (referenced as the “Company” hereafter) requests your proposal in response to the following documents: 


  • Statement of Work (SOW) (draft)
  • Specification (Spec) (if any)
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, including Required Flowdowns


Proposal selection will focus on the bidder’s team capability to address all areas of the statement of work, specification (if any), and supplier proposed schedule.


The purpose of the work is to plan and ship a quantity of neutron irradiated steel from the BOR60 test reactor (433510, Ulyanovsk region, Dimitrovgrad, Zapadnoye Shosse, 9, Russia) (RIAR) to a domestic U.S. entity still to be determined. For the purposes of the RFP, assume the US receiving location to be Los Alamos National Laboratory (Bikini Atoll Rd., SM 30, Los Alamos, NM 87545).


This request for proposal is for work to be executed in two phases. Phase 1 is to develop a Transportation Plan based on the requirements and criteria provided by TerraPower. Phase 2 would be to implement the Plan. 


The Plan shall be developed to optimize the transportation activity based on safety, schedule and overall cost, including costs that will be borne by RIAR, TerraPower, the receiving facility and the Transportation Supplier. The Plan shall include recommendations of the type of packaging, specific packaging, including availability and any licensing/certification requirements, transportation mode and logistics detail, including export/import requirements, total cost developed by WBS, and schedule, to ship up to 2500 grams of steel with maximum 1500 Ci of activity (estimated on May 2019) to the United States between December 2021 and December 2025. It is not required that a single package be used, if multiple-packages and/or shipments are shown to be optimal. More than one recommendation may be made to TerraPower for assessment.      


The Company desires to select a bidder who demonstrates the ability to perform all of the activities called out in the attached scope of work.


The successful bidder will enter into an agreement with the Company. The Company’s format is provided and contains the Company’s terms and conditions, including any required flowdowns, and the requirements associated with workscope and pricing.


Bidder is requested to provide pricing for the required scope of services, fixed for Phase 1 and estimated as fixed for Phase 2.



Please provide (separately) any questions or comments on the RFP package and the process used for selection as per the BonFire schedule.  Any questions can be directed to:

Sandy Lee, Senior Buyer/Contract Administrator

(425) 324-2698

Autumn Brown, Procurement Manager

(425) 324-2683



Irradiated Steels Shipment (RFP #2019-306):

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, December 18, 2019