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Island Transit Whidbey & Camano Solar Installation Project

The Project consists of furnishing all labor, materials and other incidentals for installation of Solar Photovoltaic systems tied to the utility grid at two separate project sites.

Elements at each site include but are not limited to: cables, AC and DC disconnect switches, combiner boxes, branch circuits, solar PV panels (modules), metering equipment, PV mounting hardware (PV mounting rails, tilt support legs, cross braces, support rails, seismic supports, mounting clips, brackets, environmental panel monitoring system (temperature, wind, solar irradiance), roof mounting standoffs, raceway and conductors, PV module power performance sensors, data acquisition and remote monitoring hardware and software, and utility grid-tie interconnection.

Main Base: Total system size shall be 124 kW DC.

Camano Satellite: Total system size shall be 10.4 kW DC.

The Island Transit’s ITB #01-21 Whidbey Main Base & Camano Satellite Solar Installation Project has been revised. Among other items, the deadline for Questions/Clarifications/Approved Equals is now January 18, 2022, still 3:00 PM. The Bid Due Date and Time & Virtual Public Bid Opening is now January 21, 2022, still 2:00 PM. Zoom information for the virtual bid opening is on the attached Addendum #3.

Closing Date: 
Friday, January 21, 2022
Island Transit
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