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Janitorial Services

 The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (Enterprise Services) is conducting a competitive procurement to award Contracts by county for eligible purchasers to acquire contracted janitorial services.

Through the Statewide Contracts established by this solicitation, Washington state agencies and other eligible purchasers may obtain contracted janitorial services.  Janitorial Services Contracts will be awarded, by county, for each of the following three (3) contract categories:


  1. General cleaning services includes but is not limited to emptying trash and damp wipe containers; dusting chairs, sides of desks, top of filing cabinets, paneled walls, doors, ledges, and picture frames within easy reach; damp wiping desk tops, telephones, and desk fixtures; damp mopping floors; vacuuming upholstered furniture and draperies; washing vinyl furniture with cleaning solution; washing doors and other surfaces; spot washing painted walls; cleaning door glass and inside partition glass; and vacuuming and shampoo carpets.
  2. Floor Cleaning services is for any floor cleaning needs including but not limited to mopping floors, waxing floors, and vacuuming and shampoo carpets.
  3. Window Washing is for washing of all windows, including but not limited to external and internal window cleaning, pressurized cleaning to remove stubborn stains and marks and track cleaning.
Closing Date: 
Friday, December 15, 2023
Department of Enterprise Services
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