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JCC Sub/Supplier Quote Request: SR 19 Et Al, East Jefferson County Remove Fish Barriers

Johansen Construction Company (JCC) is requesting quotes from Subcontractors and Suppliers for the following project:

Project Name: SR 19 Et Al, East Jefferson County Remove Fish Barriers                       

Owner: Washington State Department of Transportation

Bid Closing Date: September 8, 2022, 11:00 AM

Subcontractor/Supplier Quote Due Date: September 7, 2022

DBE Condition of Award Goal: 17%

Project Duration: 120 Working Days

Special Schedule Consideration: WSDOT has identified critical material procurement items for this Contract which will impact the project start date. As such, the first day of work is not anticipated to take place until May 30, 2023; and be physically completed within 120 working days from this date.

Bids to be submitted to: or via fax at (360) 829-5473

Point of Contact: Questions you have for JCC can be emailed to:, or you may call our office at 360-829-6493 and ask for Andy Smith in our Estimating Department.

Project Description: This Contract provides for the improvement of SR 19 MP 4.19 to MP 4.33 and SR 104 MP 10.14 to MP 10.52 in Jefferson County, SR 19 Et Al/East Jefferson County- Remove Fish Barriers, by Clearing and Grubbing, Removing Guardrail, Removing Guardrail Anchor, Removing Miscellaneous Traffic Item, Earthwork, Streambed Sediment, Streambed Cobbles, Temporary Stream   Diversion, Fish   Exclusion, Temporary Bridge, Shoring or Extra Excavation CL. A, Contractor Designed Buried Structures, Temporary Bridge Railing Type Pedestrian BP-22, Crushed Surfacing Base Course, Planing Bituminous Pavement, Planing and Paving Existing Rumble Strip, HMA Cl. ½ In. PG  58H-22,  HMA Core-Roadway, Commercial  HMA, ESC Lead, Compost Sock, Erosion Control and  Water Pollution Prevention, Seeding and Mulching, Top  Soil Type A, Soil Stabilization Grid, Fine Compost, Bark  or Wood  Chip  Mulch, High Visibility Fence, High Visibility Silt Fence, Slash, Large Woody Material, Extruded Curb, Beam Guardrail Type 31–9 Ft. Long Post, Beam Guardrail Type  31, Beam Guardrail Type  31 Non-Flared Terminal, Beam Guardrail Anchor Type 10, Temporary  Barrier,  Temporary Impact Attenuator, Resetting Impact Attenuator, Flexible Guide Post, Paint and Plastic Pavement Markings,  Centerline  Rumble  Strip, Shoulder Rumble Strip Type  4, Recessed Pavement Marker, Temporary  Pavement  Markings-Short Duration, Temporary  Stop  Line-Short Duration, Sign Covering, Temporary Illumination System, Project Temporary Traffic Control, Project Partnering, Structure Surveying, Roadway Surveying, Wire Fence Type 2, Force Account Additional Stream Work, Training, Roadside Cleanup, SPCC Plan and other work, all in accordance with the Contract Plans, Contract Provisions, and the Standard Specifications.

Subcontractor/Supplier Opportunities Include (but are not limited to): clearing & grubbing, erosion control, HMA paving, planing, striping, landscaping, hauling, signage, hydro seeding, guardrails, traffic barriers, dewatering, electrical, traffic control, survey, and fencing. As well as the supply of ready-mix concrete, pipe/utilities, aggregate, and disposal.

JCC encourages bids from all subcontractors and suppliers including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE’s), for any item of work, or portion of an item, or combination thereof related to this project. 

Bid Documents can be viewed at:

Closing Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2022
Johansen Construction Company, LLC.
Point of Contact: