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King County Foothills Trail - Phase II Segment B

****Flatiron West Inc IS BIDDING THIS PROJECT AS A PRIME BIDDER**** we are requesting Certified Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS) participation for the following Items of work, but not limited to: Traffic Control/Permanent Signage, Bridge Demolition, Clear/Grub, Erosion Control, Landscaping/Irrigation, AC Paving, Cold Plane AC, Drilling/Pier Placement, Rebar, Shotcrete, Soil Nail Walls, Painting/Concrete Stain, Underground Utilities, Striping, Erect Steel Structures, Fencing, Metal Railing, Geosynthetic Wall System, Concrete Retaining Wall System, Staging/Crane, Aggregates, Ready Mix, Concrete Pumping, Furn. Structural Steel/Bridge, Underground Pipe Products, Misc. Iron & Steel, Misc. Metals, Trucking, SWPPP Materials, Geotextile Materials, Underground Precast, MSE Wall Material, Street Sweeping, Traffic Control, Vibration Monitoring, Survey.

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Flatiron West, Inc.
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