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MC-0320838 Electrical On-Call Portwide 2022-1

MC-0320838 Electrical On-Call Portwide 2022-1

The Contractor shall perform all the Work required by the Contract and the Project Manual including specifications, drawings or other technical data provided. The project entitled MC-0320838 Electrical On-Call Portwide 2022-1 includes providing all labor, materials, equipment, tools and incidentals to perform, complete and finish electrical systems installations. Electrical work includes but is not limited to installations of raceways, wiring, ,medium voltage, cabling, boxes, transformers, miscellaneous electrical devices, temporary power and lighting assemblies, and equipment, testing, and grounding in accordance with all requirements of the code-enforcing agencies.

The total amount of the Work under this Contract shall not exceed the Contract amount of $1,000,000 including Washington State sales tax.

Project Manual, directions on submitting bids, and links to Pre-bid and Bid Opening meetings will be available on Port of Seattle Vendor Connect on January 20, 2022. If this date changes, this post will be updated.

Vendor Connect:

Scheduled advertisement on Vendor Connect with documents available: January 20, 2022

Scheduled Pre-bid Meeting: January 27, 2022

Scheduled Bid Opening: February 03, 2022

Closing Date: 
Friday, February 4, 2022
Port of Seattle
Point of Contact: