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Nondrivers: Population, Demographics, and Analysis - Joint Transportation Committee (JTC)

Nondrivers include people of all backgrounds and abilities such as aging adults, youth, students, recent immigrants, low-income individuals, those with physical, mental, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, and people who prefer not to drive. Nondrivers make up approximately twenty-five percent of the State’s population and about one-third of the national population.

The Washington (WA) State Legislature directed the Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) to identify and analyze the demographics of WA nondrivers.

  • Identification requires creation of a dataset detailing WA nondriver demographics.  
  • Analysis will include identifying how current transportation infrastructure and services serve nondrivers, and how that service meets people’s needs for access to economic opportunity, recreation, education, and other aspects of community life. 

The final report to the Legislature is due February 1, 2023. 

The purpose of this study is to determine how many nondrivers are in Washington state, the demographics of this population, and available transportation options for nondrivers. 

This project is comprised of two main parts:

  • Develop the dataset - by conducting research and a survey
  • Perform the analysis - review the availability of transportation options for nondrivers throughout the state, and the impact those options have on daily life for people around the state
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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