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Northshore Employment Database redesign

Northshore Employment Database Redesign

Northshore Senior Center is a nonprofit organization that assist the community in a wide range of needs. We are currently looking for an Employment database that houses clients and service providers to provide a “match-making” service. Clients will call/email in and request a Service Provider to provide some type of service for them. Anything from yard work to moving furniture to companionship and so many other areas of service. We are currently using an Access database to house this service and looking to upgrade to a sequel system that we can host on our O365 cloud. We will need the new database to be easy to use as most users will be volunteers. We will also need admin access so that we are able to update as our needs change.

Client section requirements

  • The job need (Landscaping, snow shoveling, Moving furniture ext..)
  • Job history/status
  • Job notes/request information
  • Pending jobs
  • Contact information
  • Hold harmless agreements
  • Contact information

Service Provider section Requirements

  • Washington State Patrol information
  • Job history/status
  • Job type availability
  • Last service date
  • Status of availability
  • Contact information

System Requirements

  • Cloud based
  • Runs on SQL engine
  • Supports multiuser login
  • Supports multiuser sessions
  • Secure for PHI protected information
  • Incremental Data Backup
  • Customizable reporting/weekly/monthly/yearly
  • Easy user/admin functionality
  • Quick view job order calendar
  • Volunteer time keeping/reporting
  • Ability to scan in/attach documents to clients and service providers

For more information please contact Eric Bennett,

Closing date for bids is August 20, 2021

Closing Date: 
Friday, August 20, 2021